Get a Free Adwords Account Review

As part of our unrivaled service, SEM Consultants will offer a free review of your current AdWords account and also your website (if you are looking to undertake AdWords with SEM). Constant review of your AdWords account ensures that your account is performing to the best of its potential and also to make sure that all the extra features of Google AdWords are being utilized to increase relevant traffic and conversions, with an emphasis on increasing your return on investment.


If you would like us to take a look at your current AdWords account we will need temporary access to your AdWords account for one of our experienced consultants to analyze for you and come up with some suggestions and comments.

Optimise For Success

Many of the clients that we have initially enquired about optimizing their AdWords accounts as they weren't performing very well. 


Here at SEM, we offer an AdWords Account optimization service where we take a look into your account, make suggestions on changes and with your help, implement our changes on your account. Once these changes have been made, you will see an almost instant increase in account performance and maybe even see a huge jump in conversions. Our initial strategy is always to gain control of an account as they are mostly lacking in control.