Choose SEM Consultants for AdWords Management

Advertising on Google's AdWords system involves much more than simply setting bids and selecting keywords for your business. You can avoid the hassle of setting up an AdWords account, the time consuming keyword research, managing bids on a daily basis and tracking visitor clicks/behaviour by letting SEM Consultants take care of it for you. We appreciate that your time would be better spent doing what you know like running your business!
SEM Consultants should be your number one choice for managing your Google AdWords for the following reasons:-
  • We're Certified by Google
  • We're Accredited by Bing
  • We Score Highly in Google's Best Practices
  • We Believe in Open Lines of Communication
  • We Test for Google
  • We're Always in the Know
  • We Believe in Analytics & Accountability
  • We've Managed Google AdWords for Years!
  • We Don't Lock You into Contracts


Google AdWords can work for any industry and any business no matter what the budget. Our strategic planning promotes businesses on AdWords so that you can target  new audiences on Google and its advertising network. We are always actively seeking out undiscovered audiences for our clients and increasing the online reach of their online advertising. When managed to a detailed level, Google AdWords can effectively increase traffic and exponentially increase sales/enquiries.

How We Manage Google AdWords For Your Business

Our approach to running a successful Google AdWords account is unique. We ensure that our AdWords account managers have a clear understanding of your business and your advertising goals. 


We optimise for a return on investment by looking at more metrics than anyone else. A novice user of the Google AdWords system can achieve a high number of clicks/visitors to your website, however it only tells half the story. Our certified AdWords account managers ensure that all the correct tracking is in place for your website to measure the impact of visitors on your site; these can be online sales, enquiries, phone calls etc. These statistics coupled with an avalanche of information from Google Analytics like visitor location, device and time on site etc. gives SEM Consultants the power to make key data driven decisions on your Google AdWords campaigns.


Our mantra is "attention to detail" as we know from our experience of running Google AdWords campaigns for our clients that making small changes on AdWords can result in a big difference to your bottom line.

Enjoy Free AdWords Clicks To Get You Started

Not convinced by the power of the Google AdWords system?


As a successful Google Partner, SEM Consultants have access to exclusive vouchers for free clicks to get you up and running so that you can enjoy new sales and enquiries for no charge!


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