Gain Insights That Matter

As a vehicle for collecting data and visitor behavior on your website, Google Analytics is the market leader in gathering and presenting valuable visitor data. 

Google Analytics lets you measure sales and conversions on your website. This can be the sale of a product or service or perhaps an email enquiry, brochure download or a specific amount of time on a page.

Making Data Driven Decisions

At SEM Consultants, there is no room for guesswork. We look at the hard data collected via Google Analytics and Google Adwords to make important changes to your marketing strategy and help facilitate key website decisions.

The Power of Web Analytics

By installing powerful web analytics programs on your website you can gain insight into a wealth of data and information about the usage of your site and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


  • Content Analytics - Identify which parts of your website perform well
  • Social Analytics - Measure the success of your social media campaigns
  • Mobile Analytics - Analyse mobile visitors on your site
  • Conversion Analytics - Find out how many real customers your site is attracting
  • Advertising Analytics - Make the most of your advertising (Online & Offline)
  • Geographic Analytics - Find out where your visitors are coming from