The Value of Display Advertising

Internet users are increasingly interacting with content and looking for brands online. As a result, website owners need to follow users to effectively engage audiences. This can be to encourage them to take a specific action or to make an emotional connection with your web site. Display advertising can be used for campaign goals throughout the purchase funnel, from blasting your brand message to owning a specific brand territory and driving traffic, sales or leads.

What is the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network consists of Google properties like YouTube, Google Finance & Gmail as well as a network of millions of partner sites on which you can place your ads. 

SEM Consultants can place text, image, video or rich media ads automatically on relevant sites across the network. These ads can be run accross the whole network or even by targeting placements and audiences manually.


Although a feature of the Google Display Network, Retargeting is fast becoming a very powerful tool for web sites to attract visitors who left their site but did not convert by displaying text, image, video or rich media ads about the site or page that they had previously visited on your site in order to entice them to return to your site and perform a conversion.

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