What Are Google Product Listing Ads?

In February 2013 Google rolled out a new Pay Per Click based model for Google Shopping called Product Listing Ads. This pay per click model has been live since June 2013 and is intended for all merchants who sell their products on Google Shopping in the United Kingdom.


A product listing ad on Google Shopping look exactly the same as normal product listings but with one huge difference. Every merchant or product in these search results ispaying for clicks that go through to their product pages. Google are experts in user interface design and we fully expect a new layout for Google Shopping listings and indeed the main Google search results page, which have already been showing product listing ads for over a year now. 


Google Product Listing Ads

How Do You Get Product Listing Ads On Google Shopping?

In order for products to show within the Google Shopping interface and on the main Google search results pages, you will be required to implement Product Listing Ads.


The first thing to check is whether the products that you sell on your website are actually eligible to be displayed on Google's platform and also that your website complies with various policies that Google have in place for their product listing ads. The policies can be found here.


Once we are happy with your product inventory, the next step is to create a product feed that outlines your whole product inventory in either an XML file or text document. This feed will contain information on the product, price, image, link, delivery etc. Our team of experienced developers will go about either creating a Google Product feed for you using the actual live products on your website as the backbone. So, only products that are "live" on your website are included on the feed file. If you already have a Google product feed, our consultants will liaise with our/your developers in order to optimize the feed file to give it the best chance of gaining high quality clicks at the cheapest prices. Once your feed is approved by the Google Merchant Center team, your products are eligible to show on Google Shopping and other Google web properties.


We appreciate that this transition may be a difficult process for all merchants, so let us take the stress out of Product Listing Ad creation and Product Listing Ad bidding strategies for you.

Our Product Listing Ad Services

As specialists in the field of Google Product Listing Ads, we have had many success stories, with all of our e-commerce clients enjoying more relevant clicks, more traffic, more sales and most importantly benefiting from a very high return on investment.

Our dedicated team of Google Qualified Individuals can help you get the most out of Product Listing Ads. By optimizing the feed and your product listing ad campaigns, we have managed to achieve sub 10p cost per clicks (cpc's) on huge industry terms, where our client's competitors are paying upwards of £2.00 per click for the same searches!


Contact Us Today and let us keep your products visible on the world leading product search platform, Google Shopping.


If you have an e-commerce website and would like to take advantage of these new features launched by Google, email us on google_product_listing_ads@sem-consultants.co.uk, contact us here or give us a call on 0845 095 6105 (Calls are charged at local rate!).