Improve Your Website

Website Optimiser can help you determine what attracts users the most, which can lead to increased conversions on your web site.

By testing different versions of your site content and layout, SEM Consultants can help improve the effectiveness of your web pages. 

SEVO - Search Engine Visitor Optimisation

A new buzzword that many people don't know about is SEVO (Search Engine Visitor Optimisation). This process involves gearing your site towards the end user and making sure that your clients find the information they need quickly and easily in order to perform a conversion on your web site.

By utilising Google Website Optimiser, you can make changes to specific parts of a page, this can be with a new headline, image, promotional text or experiment with entirely different versions of a page.

Once you've chosen the content or layout elements that you'd like to test, SEM Consultants will run an experiment on a portion of your site traffic. The Google Website Optimiser tool will show some users the original content, and some users the new content to determine which version leads users to take the desired actions on your site. 

Benefits of using Google Website Optimiser

Many people concentrate on driving traffic to their website without looking at the whole conversion process and how it may affect the success of a website.

Google Website Optimiser eliminates any guesswork in what you think works or what we think works. The data gathered in a Website Optimiser experiment is definitive and goes further than any focus group or consultation could ever offer as your sites actual users/customers are making the decisions for you.