Link Building

Although Google is a very sophisticated search engine, how does it decide which site to rank in position 1? Apart from on site factors like content, headings, keywords etc. a major factor in how Google decides this ranking for your site depends on the number of different websites that link to your site. 

The number of these links determines how popular your web site is and therefore Google will seek to place the most popular websites in the top positions in order to give the Google user relevant results to their searches.

Build Relevant, High Quality Links

The SEM Consultants link building strategy is simple. Build relevant, high quality links to our clients web sites. Using traditional methods, embracing popular social networks and Web 2.0 properties we aim to build the highest quality links to your site to help propel your site to the top of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

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Link Profiles

At SEM Consultants, we have a wide range of tools to determine your site's current link profile. Using these tools we can determine where most of your links are coming from, what anchor text is used and a number of other ranking factors about your web sites link profile in comparison to your direct competitors.

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