Personalised Marketing Strategies

Transparency is imperative to the service that we at SEM provide. Your accounts will be set up in your name, using an email address and contact details provided by you. Your marketing campaign will be managed by your personal account manager who is always available to you and you are encouraged to ask questions and get involved as much as is possible in order to develop your marketing strategies with your account manager.


In addition to our ongoing support, we provide Monthly Reports to each of our clients depicting their monthly spend, the reach and frequency of their ads, the keywords that they are targeting, the number of conversions completed and more.

Why Choose SEM Consultants?

We are aware that every client is different and to accommodate this we have become fully adaptable. We build personalised marketing strategies in which we can generate a specialised consultancy plan to cater to your business’ needs.


Contact us today to start developing the strategy that best suits your company’s requirements.