National Holidays and Observance Days are incredibly influential on the spending habits of consumers the world over.

Easter approaching? Buy an Easter egg! Here comes Christmas; let’s go crazy on Christmas presents. Oh and don’t forget Valentine’s Day, must buy some chocolates and flowers.

International Holidays, National Celebrations or even significant sporting and music events can generate millions of pounds for retailers, transport companies, hospitality industry plus many most industries, so it is worth really worth altering your marketing strategy and honing in on these events to accelerate your business successes and stay ahead of your competition.

Whether you choose to host a sale, promote extra discounts and offers, or highlight to the world how fabulous your product or services are and how they complement upcoming holidays, it all makes a big difference and ignoring the fact altogether could mean missing out on a valuable opportunity.

Aside from helping to magnetise extra customers, holidays and events can be a fun driving force behind some amusing and exciting social media campaigns and digital marketing content, so it’s worth your while to get involved.

Our ultimate 2019Retail Marketing Calendar is to make sure YOU don’t miss any opportunity for marketing marvel, content-worthy, money-making campaigns throughout the year; including all of the lesser-known celebrations and UK events as well as the most public and much-loved international holidays.

Download your 2019 Digital Marketing Calendar here.