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Content marketing is now one of the most important components of your greater marketing campaign and it really could mean the difference between a marketing win and a marketing fail. So, aside from the customary MUSTS of excellent content creation such as proofreading, perfect grammar, including images with your text and the likes, we are going to take a look at some hints and tips for you to follow that will instantly vamp up your content marketing campaign that you...Read More>
Social media refers to all of those sites and apps that people use every day. It is believed that 2.46 billion people worldwide use social media in some form or another, so doesn’t it make sense that your business uses social media marketing? It may seem odd to use things like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for marketing, but when all of your potential customers are there in one place, it is crucial to optimise the use of these social media...Read More>
27th September 2017

Why is Web Design So Important?

Imagine you’re a customer, as I’m sure you have been many times before. When you are viewing a product or service online, your conversion choices are affected by their website content. A bad site does not encourage you to invest your money in the product or service, does it? This is why you, as a business person or individual, needs to put the right care and consideration into your web design. Don’t worry, SEM Consultants are an expert web design...Read More>
If you are serious about marketing your business and gaining valued customers, then you need to take a moment to think about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO optimises your chances of being noticed on search engines. We all know that Google is at the centre of everything, so if your business were to appear at the top of the search results page when searching on Google, then you’re more likely to get those much-needed conversions. But how do you get...Read More>
Investing in good content marketing for your business could not be more important. Any site that is a poor read can discourage potential sales because they give the impression of “start-up”, “amateur”, or “unprofessional”. You don’t want to seem like any of those things, even if you actually are a start-up company – especially if you are a start-up, in fact. If you are a new business, the right online content can be the difference between putting yourself on the...Read More>

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