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Can AI Replace my SEO Agency?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the capabilities of text generators like ChatGPT and the potential impact they may have on the world of SEO and digital content creation. The hot topic of AI in SEO has led to questions like “is SEO dead?” and “Will AI take over […]
22nd February 2023 Miranda Griffith

Everything You Need to Know About The Latest Google Link Spam Update.

  If you’re running an effective marketing campaign, chances are you’ve got a strategy for creating backlinks but how good are those links? Does quantity mean more than quality when it comes to your link-building strategy? If you’re not too discerning about your SEO link building and to you, backlinking means “the more, the merrier”, […]
25th January 2023 Miranda Griffith

How to Increase Domain Authority on Your Website

If you run or are planning to run a website in either a personal or business capacity, domain authority is key to getting your website found. There are plenty of things that influence search engine ranking but DA or domain authority is widely considered a good indicator of how well your page will rank in […]
30th December 2022 Laura Sargeant

The Importance of Accurate Conversion Tracking in Google Ads: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your PPC Campaigns

If you’re running a Google Ads campaign, you know how important it is to track your conversions. Conversion tracking allows you to see how well your ads are performing and make informed decisions about your advertising strategy. In this post, we’ll delve into why accurate conversion tracking is crucial for the success of your campaigns […]
29th December 2022 Bhupinder Bhogal

People-First Content – Understanding The Google Helpful Content Update

In the constantly evolving world of Google updates, a recent update emphasizes the search engine’s commitment to making useful content easier to find. Back in September 2022, Google finished rolling out its Helpful Content Update.* This is a search ranking algorithm update created to help searchers find high-quality content much easier. In short, Google wants […]
8th December 2022 Miranda Griffith

Your 2023 Digital Marketing Calendar

With the end of 2022 fast approaching, now is the time to start planning your 2023 marketing activity. Creating a marketing plan for 2023 now means that you’ll be prepared for potential marketing opportunities and plan for disruptions caused by national or international events. We’ve pulled together a free downloadable guide to 2023’s digital marketing […]
1st December 2022 Laura Sargeant

How Much Of My Digital Marketing Budget Should I Spend On SEO?

If you’ve decided that SEO is suitable for your business and you’re ready to add an SEO campaign to your digital marketing strategy, you’re probably wondering “how much of my budget do I allocate to SEO?”. With organic searches being responsible for 53% of all trackable website traffic, having a budget for SEO is a […]
18th November 2022 Miranda Griffith

Top SEO Tips to Get SEO Ready for Black Friday 2022

The biggest sale event of the season is fast approaching and whilst you may have already decided on your offers and marketing activity, have you made sure your website is SEO-ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Don’t lose your leads by avoiding SEO optimisation and follow our top tips for SEO this festive season.
11th October 2022 Laura Sargeant

How to Find New Ideas When Writing Blog Posts For SEO

It’s a common problem to struggle to find fresh ideas for regular blog posts when boosting your SEO efforts. How do you come up with fresh ideas for blog posts time after time? And how do you make sure those blog posts are going to be found by your audience? Having a process for finding […]
4th October 2022 Miranda Griffith

What is Amazon A+ Content?

If you are thinking about selling on Amazon or already sell products on Amazon, making sure your product listing is fully optimised is a must. Amazon offers a wide variety of ways to enhance your Amazon product listing and one of these is through the use of Amazon A+ content. But what is A+ content […]
27th September 2022 Laura Sargeant