Barney’s Amsterdam

Incredible Social Media Advances with Barneys Amsterdam

We have worked closely with Barney’s Amsterdam since 2017. Using bespoke social media and SEO techniques, the brand now dominates search engine results and has garnered a large and interactive following across its social media platforms. Spread across four locations and an online store, Barney’s Amsterdam now has a dedicated following around the globe. With a 30-year history, Barney’s Farm has won countless awards, going from strength to strength in recent years.

Through the creation of countless creative campaigns paired with a fresh approach, our specialist team at SEM Consultants has caused a substantial increase in social media followers and an impressive rise in user interactions over its time with Barney’s Amsterdam, increasing consistently month after month. Going from strength to strength, the brand now has a dedicated following across the world and has cemented its place as a public favourite.

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Barney’s Amsterdam
What did we do to help Barney’s Amsterdam?

Working to closely monitor Facebook, Instagram and Twitter guidelines, our Social team at SEM Consultants has fuelled a significant increase in follower counts and user interactions over its time with Barney’s Amsterdam. Since we started working with Barneys Farm in 2017, the company’s presence on social media has skyrocketed in the years since. The brand’s Instagram has particularly benefitted from our specialist help. Going from around Instagram 12,500 followers in 2017, a combination of quality content and customer interactions has seen follower figures rise to over 158,000 and counting. This has all helped to develop Barney’s online presence and encourage organic growth. Our promotion of their many popular events using video and website updates has also supported web user and page view goals, as has the use of competitions and other campaigns aimed at increasing user interactions.

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Following viral tweets and in-depth hashtag strategies, our team has used impressive results to fuel consistently engaged campaigns. This boom in social media interaction has seen a knock-on effect of visually increasing Barney’s SERP position. SEM Consultant’s social media management team has worked closely with Barney’s to create organic growth unparalleled across the market and we look forward to many more successful years working alongside them.

"SEM Consultants manage our entire marketing operation from social media to SEO. The results have been simply outstanding and now dominate the search engines for all our targets. Our social media, especially Instagram, has seen amazing increases so 10/10 for effort and results."

Barneys Amsterdam Marketing Director