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JA Seals Just Keeps on Growing

We at SEM Consultants are proud to have been a helping hand in JA Seals’s growth since June 2012. JA Seals has been able to improve business on an innumerable scale, resulting in relocating to Telford to further their expansion. As a leading company in their industry, JA Seals has really made a name for itself when it comes to brush strips, garage door seals and rubber sealing solutions. Having established itself in 1997, with over 40 years’ of manufacturing experience, JA Seals prides itself on being an avid member of the brush strip and rubber seal manufacturing community. There’s a reason why they are the number one manufacturer of brush strips, garage door seals, hygienic cladding trims, industrial and commercial door seals, and more!

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JA Seals
What did we do to help JA Seals?

For over 10 years, our expert team has been able to take JA Seals to new heights through search engine marketing techniques. This includes Social Media, SEO, and PPC. Our team of search marketing specialists are consistently working on JA Seals’ PPC campaigns, their social media updates and any SEO implementations in content that is needed (like blog posts and webpage written content). We have also worked on their Google Shopping and Bing PPC accounts, too. Not only that, but we also worked in conjunction with their web design team in the way of SEO design on their new website “garagedoorseals.co.uk” which has helped with the sales of their key product, garage door seals. The use of our new area of expertise, Social Media Marketing, has helped to boost JA Seals’s visibility dramatically. The regular announcements of promotions, new stock and blog posts make sure that JA Seals has a presence in their industry, leading to recent growth as an Amazon seller under our Amazon advertising management.

Website Users
2013 vs 2017
2013 vs 2017
Bounce Rates
2013 vs 2017

JA Seals has seen a strong increase in a number of areas as a result of our digital marketing services. User levels have increased dramatically with bounce rates dropping causing an influx of revenue since they started with us. They have also seen an increase in some key goal completions, such as: Contact Enquiry Forms, FAQ Forms, Made to Order Forms, and Blog Enquiry Forms. This means that more users are landing on their site, staying, and actually engaging with it or converting into customers.

The inclusion of a blog section on their website has helped increase organic traffic to their site. With the rewriting of product categories and product descriptions, we have also helped to make their site rich in keywords, thus improving the SEO and ranking potential. Alongside this, our social media management has ensured that extra traffic is also directed towards JA Seals. This is why they have seen an increase in users, sales and goal completions. In the time we have been working with them, JA Seals has seen a great turnaround, leading to growth in various areas. We are excited to see how much further JA Seals can go in partnership with us as their online presence goes from strength to strength. We will continue to work on their business and maintain a lasting, strong friendship. Because at SEM Consultants, “together, we’ve got this.”

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