Enhancing Visibility and Sales for Premium Moving Specialists, QMM

8 years ago we partnered with QMM and have significantly contributed to QMM’s online growth and success in the competitive moving services market across Canada.

By developing and implementing a multifaceted SEO strategy, we have increased the volume of inquiries for QMM’s diverse range of moving services.

Our approach combined a solid with a targeted focus on enhancing the visibility of regional service pages in organic search engine results. By creating targeted, area-based landing pages, we ensured that QMM’s services were easily discoverable by potential customers in key regions, which boosted engagement and conversions.

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What Did We Do to Help QMM?

As a Canadian-based international moving company, the goal was to increase the number of cross-border and local moves and enhance QMM’s search engine ranking performance in Canada and the US.

By analysing the existing content we identified areas of improvement and opportunities for optimisation through keyword research.
We leveraged this information and built dedicated landing pages targeting those moving across borders between the USA and Canada. In addition, we created a successful cross-border moving page to increase the visibility of inter-provincial moving services and target regional searches.

The SEO team created monthly blog content focusing on the types of cross-border services offered and locations. This increased enquiries significantly while improving the website’s organic performance in search engines.

In Canada, the article https://www.qmm.com/best-places-to-live-bc-2023-article generated 69,203 sessions since being published (June 2021 – June 2023) with 63,474 new users visiting the page.

Between Jan 2021 and June 2023 46.16% of users visiting the Cross Border movers page converted. This page currently ranks on the first page of Google and drives healthy traffic to the site

Jan 2021 to June 2023
Thank You Page Conversions
2021 vs 2022
New Users
June 2021 to June 2023

Our successful partnership with QMM has undeniably produced impressive results and highlights the effectiveness of our laser-focused approach to digital marketing.

By enhancing their online visibility and regional targeting, we have not only increased the volume of enquiries and conversions but also improved user engagement stats across their website. As we look to the future, QMM is well-positioned to continue thriving in the competitive moving services market. The success of this collaboration demonstrates our commitment to driving positive results for our clients.