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Boosting Care Home Recruitment in the Health and Social Care Sector with Select Healthcare Group

For more than a decade we have worked alongside the team at Select Healthcare Group, and during that time, we embarked on a mission to enhance their care home recruitments. Through targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and a robust SEO strategy centred around care home job roles, we successfully increased traffic to their website.

This proactive approach not only increased visibility in search engine results but also attracted qualified candidates seeking rewarding careers in healthcare. As a result, Select Healthcare experienced a significant rise in care home recruitments, demonstrating the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts in aligning digital marketing strategies with their recruitment goals

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Select Healthcare Group
What Did We Do to Help Select Healthcare?

Analytic research revealed how potential care staff searched for job opportunities and how searches varied across job types. The outcomes of keyword research established the impact organic search improvements have on recruitment efforts.

We identified opportunities for SEO and content development and dedicated optimised landing pages were created detailing career types and targeting specific job seekers. Additionally, monthly career-focused blog posts were created with dedicated care home blogs highlighting the various care home services.

SEO and PPC efforts significantly increased job application levels which rose to 152.41% year on year from 2021 to 2022. The specifically targeted blog content and search engine-optimised landing pages led to an increase of 19.60% in organic page views with the number of sessions improving by 16.87%. This approach helped to establish Select Healthcare as an authority in care home recruitment

Job Applications
2021 vs 2022
Organic Page Views
2021 vs 2022
Organic Sessions
2021 vs 2022

Our partnership with Select Healthcare continues to be a resounding success as the results speak for themselves. Our collaboration has not only strengthened Select Healthcare’s online presence but also cemented its reputation as a leading authority in care home recruitment. The significant increase in job applications confirms the successful impact of our targeted approach and proves how a well-executed digital marketing strategy can drive meaningful results and support important healthcare services. We look forward to continuing our partnership and further amplifying Select Healthcare’s success in the years to come.