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Targeted Digital Marketing Strategy With Welcome Estates

Welcome Estates is a specialist Spanish Property agent located on the Costa Blanca. With over 25 years of experience finding dream properties for sun-seekers, the team at Welcome Estates are experts in their field, particularly for golf course properties on the Costa Blanca.

Welcome Estates work with multiple nationalities and languages with SEM Consultants helping target Dutch markets in the Netherlands and Belgium, France, Belgium and the UK & Ireland as well as targeting audiences in Spain.

Since starting work with Welcome Estates in 2021, we’ve turbo-charged their digital marketing efforts, combining strategic PPC campaigns with SEO-optimised blogs and innovative social media campaigns as well as working alongside them to create a physical magazine for their clients.

In the last 6 months alone, we have helped to improve click-through rates for PPC by a massive 224% through strategic account management and optimisation. We worked with the team at Welcome Estates to understand their goals and business needs and channel this into a superior digital marketing strategy that works for them.

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Welcome Estates
What Did We Do to Help Welcome Estates?

Our team of PPC specialists, SEO professionals and social media experts have helped ensure success across the board for Welcome Estates since they came on board in 2021. By working with them to achieve their goals through strategic campaigns and activity, we have increased conversions and enquiries by 324% during the last 6 months alone with the click-through rate increasing by 224% and a 563% increase in the conversion rate for PPC.

Organically, we work with Welcome Estates to create SEO-optimised blog content that has increased sessions by 418.24% year on year from 2021 to 2022 with a 391.79% increase in new users to the blog. The creation of optimised content has also led to a marked increase in engagement on the site with a reduced drop-off and more time spent on the page by visitors.

In addition to our online content writing for Welcome Estates, we also created content for a print client brochure including area guides and more to attract and inform potential customers and existing customers and provide a reference point when the team attend events such as A Place in the Sun Live.

New Website Users
2021 vs 2022
Conversion Rate
6 Month Increase
Goal Conversions & Enquiries
6 Month Increase

By combining PPC prowess, social media strategy, search engine optimised blogs and gripping print content, we’ve helped Welcome Estates go from strength to strength in the online world and in the Spanish property market at home and overseas. By using our international marketing know-how and getting to know the Welcome Estates brand, we’ve created winning digital marketing strategies that perform month after month. The exceptional stats speak for themselves with incredible performance across the board and fantastic engagement from customers new and existing. It has been a pleasure to work alongside Welcome Estates with whichever new challenge comes along and to help ensure their continued success.

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Welcome Estates, Lisa - CEO