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If your website visitors have seen a slump recently, or if you have a brand new website you want to help take off, digital tools are a fantastic way to increase website traffic and get more people viewing your page and using your services. Here are some of our favourite ways to get traffic to your website and how best to use them. (more…)
Whilst 2020 has been a truly unusual year, one thing we can count on is the festive shopping season arriving once again. Black Friday sales have seen a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years with the likes of Amazon launching wide-spread digital marketing campaigns to push their Black Friday deals with success. With the approach of Christmas, the right Black Friday campaign could see your sales figures boom as the world turns to online shopping during the lockdown. But...Read More>
If you are new to the world of online marketing and have just got to grips with how your customers are finding your website, you may have discovered the terms paid traffic and organic traffic. But what do these two terms mean? And how do they affect how you conduct online marketing or how a digital marketing agency conducts your digital marketing on your behalf? Read on for our quick guide on what the difference is between paid and organic...Read More>
The online world is rich with opportunities for large and small businesses alike. Whilst navigating its ample waters for the first time may seem daunting, digital marketing is one of the best ways to spread word of your small business and connect with new customers as well as maintaining likes with your already existing customers. If you are looking at getting started with digital marketing as a small business for the first time, here is our whistle-stop guide to what...Read More>
Few world events have had such an effect on the way businesses and society is run as the recent pandemic. Whilst families have stayed home to stay safe, businesses have pulled back their offline marketing efforts and many have reduced the amount of in-person services available to protect their customers and staff.  Whilst in-person sales have taken a hit, online marketing and digital sales have skyrocketed with a passive audience at home ready and waiting to take advantage of the...Read More>
You've built up your online business empire, put time and effort into optimising for SEO, found the perfect PPC combinations and suddenly, that nation goes on lockdown. Whilst it may be tempting to freeze your online campaigns and scale back your digital marketing efforts, we're here to tell you how continuing with digital during the epidemic could be the best option for your business. For those of you just starting your digital marketing journey, here is how digital marketing can...Read More>
Digital Marketing is a vast and varied field. We know that there are multiple nuances to the Digital Marketing sphere, from Social Media Marketing to Pay Per Click, Content Marketing to Search Engine Optimisation and everything in between. If you are taking the first dip into the world of Digital Marketing or have been in the industry for years, there are some key marketing terms you should know. We've rounded up some of the most important in our A-Z of...Read More>
At current, it is estimated that around 25% of Black Country residents don't use the internet regularly, or have never used the internet, which is one of the highest rates in England and Wales. However, efforts from councils and education establishments are looking for all that to change. Just down the road is Leamington Spa, now colloquially called 'Silicon Spa' due to it's rise in the media and gaming industry. Taking inspiration from them, the Black Country is now looking...Read More>
Digital Passport is a scheme aimed at Black Country businesses to help them adapt to the online world. If you are small or medium sized enterprise (SME), then you are eligible for this scheme. An SME is categorised as a business with less than 250 people, been operating for more than one year, and has a turnover of less than €50 million. The project will conduct a digital skills assessment to identify the key issues facing your business. Following this...Read More>
National Holidays and Observance Days are incredibly influential on the spending habits of consumers the world over. Easter approaching? Buy an Easter egg! Here comes Christmas; let's go crazy on Christmas presents. Oh and don't forget Valentine's Day, must buy some chocolates and flowers. International Holidays, National Celebrations or even significant sporting and music events can generate millions of pounds for retailers, transport companies, hospitality industry plus many most industries, so it is worth really worth altering your marketing strategy...Read More>
Google is consistently looking for ways to make the Google Ads experience more informative and functional for its users, and with that, algorithm updates or the introduction of new and improved features are rolled out throughout the year. The two latest refined and enhanced Google AdWords tools are the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool! The Google Ad Preview and Diagnostic tool is pivotal for the regulation and management of a fruitful AdWords campaign. Ad preview allows you to readily see...Read More>
Unlike the flat-pack furniture you can pick up in Ikea, marketing campaigns never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Every individual company has unique aims, objectives and outcomes that they would like to achieve from their marketing campaign, and so campaigns need uniquely crafting, tweaking and moulding to achieve success. To create an award-winning, goal-smashing, money-making marketing campaign, you can use a specialised marketing agency, an in-house marketing team, or if you see fit – why not use a combination of the...Read More>

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