Why Your Digital Marketing Efforts Shouldn’t Stop Because of the Lockdown

You’ve built up your online business empire, put time and effort into optimising for SEO, found the perfect PPC combinations and suddenly, that nation goes on lockdown. Whilst it may be tempting to freeze your online campaigns and scale back your digital marketing efforts, we’re here to tell you how continuing with digital during the […]
27th March 2020 Laura Sargeant

The A-Z of Digital Marketing: Key Terms for Digital Marketers

Digital Marketing is a vast and varied field. We know that there are multiple nuances to the Digital Marketing sphere, from Social Media Marketing to Pay Per Click, Content Marketing to Search Engine Optimisation and everything in between. If you are taking the first dip into the world of Digital Marketing or have been in […]
27th February 2020 Laura Sargeant

How to Use Passwords Correctly to Secure Your Business

Making sure your business is secure is very important, and therefore password strength and security is very important. If you are someone who uses the same passwords for everything then you immediately put yourself at risk. All it takes is for you to use that password on one website that maybe doesn’t have great security, […]
6th June 2019 Daniel Powell

Why Joining the Inclusive Leadership Pledge Will Help Your Business

The Inclusive Leadership Pledge has been set up by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) to rebalance boardrooms. This means inclusive growth with women, people from Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, people with disabilities, and those from the LGBT community. By involving your business in this, you are showing your interest in social […]
16th April 2019 Daniel Powell

Is a digital revolution on it’s way in the Black Country?

At current, it is estimated that around 25% of Black Country residents don’t use the internet regularly, or have never used the internet, which is one of the highest rates in England and Wales. However, efforts from councils and education establishments are looking for all that to change. Just down the road is Leamington Spa, […]
25th March 2019 Daniel Powell

How the Digital Passport will keep you ahead of the game – Key Advice for Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall, Wolverhampton Businesses

Digital Passport is a scheme aimed at Black Country businesses to help them adapt to the online world. If you are small or medium sized enterprise (SME), then you are eligible for this scheme. An SME is categorised as a business with less than 250 people, been operating for more than one year, and has […]
11th March 2019 Daniel Powell


National Holidays and Observance Days are incredibly influential on the spending habits of consumers the world over. Easter approaching? Buy an Easter egg! Here comes Christmas; let’s go crazy on Christmas presents. Oh and don’t forget Valentine’s Day, must buy some chocolates and flowers. International Holidays, National Celebrations or even significant sporting and music events […]
4th January 2019 Alice Myler


Google is consistently looking for ways to make the Google Ads experience more informative and functional for its users, and with that, algorithm updates or the introduction of new and improved features are rolled out throughout the year. The two latest refined and enhanced Google AdWords tools are the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool! The […]
16th November 2018 Alice Myler

Who Reigns Supreme – In-House Marketing vs. Marketing Agency?

Unlike the flat-pack furniture you can pick up in Ikea, marketing campaigns never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Every individual company has unique aims, objectives and outcomes that they would like to achieve from their marketing campaign, and so campaigns need uniquely crafting, tweaking and moulding to achieve success. To create an award-winning, goal-smashing, money-making marketing […]
20th July 2018 Alice Myler