Whilst useful for those wanting quick answers on a topic, the rise of the 'zero click' results is a growing problem for those looking for ways to improve organic search traffic to their websites. Google's featured snippets take up a large section of SERPs detracting from other website results and can cause an issue for those looking to gain organic traffic from search engines, particularly if they have not previously been appearing in the top few results. (more…)
As COVID-19 takes hold of the nation, many businesses small and large have been moving to a remote working from home model to help with social distancing. But working from home shouldn't mean that your website rankings and SEO efforts suffer. If you are one of the many newly-remote workers keen on optimising your business online, here is a list of basic SEO checks and improvements you can do from the comfort of your own home. (more…)
  One key trick that businesses can sometimes miss in the world of Search Engine Optimisation is the power that reviews yield. For example, if you googled 'mechanic in Sandwell', then the top businesses listed would all have their google review rating included, and obviously, Google favours businesses who use their services. Moz even states that reviews count for 8.4% of Google’s ranking factors, which may sound small but it’s such an easy chunk to gain. The first step to...Read More>
If you have a website, blog or even a social media platform that you run for business, it is likely that you will be aware of ‘website conversions.’ For website novices who aren’t so familiar, a website conversion happens when a visitor to your website completes a specified action, this could be an action as minor as signing up to your newsletter or as significant as purchasing your product or service. In today’s competitive markets, even the smallest of website...Read More>
Imagine being a market trader selling scarves, and being at a market where everyone is selling scarves and scarf related products. Not only that, but it includes everyone in the world that's selling scarves and scarf related products, now that's what it's like on a search engine. The stalls that will sell the most are probably the ones that attract the most attention and have the best footfall, and that's what SEO is all about. Here we have a quick...Read More>
At current, it is estimated that around 25% of Black Country residents don't use the internet regularly, or have never used the internet, which is one of the highest rates in England and Wales. However, efforts from councils and education establishments are looking for all that to change. Just down the road is Leamington Spa, now colloquially called 'Silicon Spa' due to it's rise in the media and gaming industry. Taking inspiration from them, the Black Country is now looking...Read More>
We all know that one of the difficulties of a new business is getting consumers to see your name. Obviously, search engine optimisation (SEO) is one way to do this, but how exactly does that work. Here we look into one way to boost your online ranking by CBD content campaigns. Working with a campaign means that you arrive on search engines not only when people search for your business, but when people are interested in a campaign you can...Read More>
As specialists in all thing search related, we are exposed to a range of industries. Within the health and wellbeing ecosystem, there is a fast-growing sector around cannabis by-products for health or medical needs. From Cannabidiol (CBD) oils, to foods infused with CBD, the consumer demands for these products will be high for decades to come. In recent times SEM Consultants’ clients in these industries have been sharing their thoughts and needs with us. They are weighing the pro’s and...Read More>
With 2019 set to be the year for a lot of social,  political and economic change, it is time to think about whether your online cannabis business is prepared for 2019 & beyond. There are some exciting changes ahead in the world of cannabis products in the UK and it is important for your business to be ready to embrace these changes. New legislation means that you can look forward to some pretty exciting changes over the coming year. This...Read More>
A new WordPress plugin has been introduced by Google that will pull insights from Google tools to a user's WordPress Admin panel. A plethora of Analytics plugins have been available for the web-building platform for quite some time. However, this is the first of its kind that has been created by Google themselves. Named 'Site Kit by Google,' the first edition of the plugin will extract insights from Google Analytics, Search Console, AdSense and PageSpeed Insights, and display them in...Read More>
Picture this; your business spends thousands on cutting-edge modern design, a sci-fi platform with all the bells, whistles and widgets and your management team are excited about the modern masterpiece that is your new company website. It’s light years ahead of the competition in terms of technology and at the pinnacle of modern website design and the expectations of the website are clear; to dominate the industry and be the “go-to” company for your products or services. Launch day comes...Read More>
Google first announced their mobile first index initiation back in 2016 and issued a detailed plan of how they intended to make future algorithms index pages using the mobile version of a website and its content. The mobile first approach was the next logical step in Google’s consistent advancement, due to the vast number of internet users who now browse the web primarily using their mobile phone or a tablet at home and on-the-go. Studies in 2017 found that 63%...Read More>
Why should your business have a blog? How do you run a blog for your business? And what’s the difference between a standard blog and an SEO blog? Fear not, all your questions will be answered, as we take you through the dos and don’ts of blogging for business... Do: have faith in the ‘bloggability’ of your business. (Don’t miss out on the many benefits of a business blog!) So many times we know of businesses going without a blog...Read More>
There are so many individual components that are crucial for the makings of a successful SEO campaign; it is often hard to know where to begin… especially if you are a novice. An effective SEO strategy must incorporate on page and off page SEO, technical seo and in a 2018 state of affairs, social media inclusion can also have a big impact on best seo efforts. SEM Consultants have compiled a fool proof checklist guaranteed to make your SEO campaign...Read More>
When browsing Google Analytics, you may have noticed a little statistic called ‘bounce rate’. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about some of these common questions: What does bounce rate actually mean? Why is it important? Do I need to reduce my bounce rate? If so, how do I do it? Luckily for you, we are here to share with you our expertise, hopefully answering all of your bounce rate related questions along the way…. What is bounce rate? When someone lands...Read More>
Whether you like it or not, understanding the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the key to ranking success when content writing, or creating any other web content. Tackling SEO marketing can seem scary at first, especially when you find out that Google considers around 200 factors to rank a site! But don’t worry – not all these factors are as important as one another. To make things easier, we’ve narrowed down all the information for you, gathering the...Read More>
In December, it was announced by Google that the length of a snippet had increased, to allow for more descriptive and informative snippet text. For those who are wondering, a snippet is the short description that appears below a URL in an organic search result. The purpose of a snippet is to provide the user with a brief description of the contents of the page, allowing the user to select the most relevant page to their query. Snippets are deemed...Read More>
When businesses, bloggers and organisations approach a web design company, they often think that communicating their point, projecting a sales pitch and the aesthetics of the website design are the fundamental factors of web success. Whilst each of hold a significance in the web design process, does any of this matter if users aren’t landing on your website to begin with? Search engine optimisation, SEO, is more important than ever in todays saturated internet. A credible SEO strategy is there...Read More>
Blogging is one of the most effective and modernised ways to drive traffic to your website, regardless of the nature of your business and website. Blogging works not only because it aids your SEO marketing campaign, but also because a company written and unique blog will help to humanise your brand, allowing consumers to relate. Blogging half-heartedly will likely prove to be ineffective and essentially a waste of company time. For the most significant impact, your blog writing must be...Read More>
  Considering making website changes that will have a lasting affect on your engagement can be daunting. However, there are a number of small web errors that you can fix in no time that will have a big impact on your conversions. These small things can go a long way in bringing in users and sales, so what are you waiting for? Fix these small web errors today with help from SEM Consultants. Images Large images will contribute to slow...Read More>
Duplicate content is what it says on the tin. If your website features content that is identical or substantially similar to other content at more than one URL, regardless of whether this is within one domain or across multiple, this is classified as duplicate content. More often than not, duplicate website content is not disingenuous and the website owner may not even realise that questionable content is present on their website and if they do, they might not be aware...Read More>
  By now, most businesses will be aware of search engine marketing (SEM). In case you’re new to the marketing world, we’ll explain. Search engine marketing involves marketing your business with a focus on ranking on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.). In this day and age, most people are online, and therefore your business must be, too. It isn’t enough to have a really good website and maybe a Facebook Business Page, though, instead you need to consistently optimise...Read More>
  There are quite a lot of mistakes that businesses make on a regular basis when it comes to online marketing. However, these are all avoidable. We at SEM Consultants have devised a list of marketing mistakes that you can avoid in order to help your business do better and thrive. With our help, you can be getting a better ROI with every move you make. So, what marketing mistakes are you making… Overloading your readers Sometimes we worry so...Read More>
  If you are selling products on your site, then it will really help your conversions to ensure your products are optimised for Google shopping in your Google AdWords or Google Merchant Centre. Google shopping is dedicated to products related to a specific search term. For example, if you type in “black coat” on Google, a number of related products will appear at the top of the search results page that are listed in Google shopping. Google shopping is powered...Read More>
There are a lot of people who think that the most important thing about content marketing is simply putting out content regularly – and sometimes at the expense of quality. This is a big mistake and there are many more that people are making without even realising it. Don’t fear, though, because we at SEM Consultants want to help you do better and take your content further, so here is a list of content mistakes to avoid. Poor grammar and...Read More>
Do you think you are optimising your use of social media, website creation, and web content updates? Do you feel like your content is up to scratch and doing its job in bringing in website traffic? Well, how can you really know for sure? Without checking over the analytics of your site, you can’t truly know whether your content is working or not. With the use of Google Analytics, you can find a wealth of information to help you better...Read More>
  Words are great; we use them everyday to express ourselves. In this modern age, however, you are able to convey a message with a lot more than just words or text online. From emojis and memes to videos and infographics, there is a multitude of ways to express ourselves, and they often work a lot better than written text. Moving with the times is even more important if you are a business. Good online marketing means you need to...Read More>
Page speed is becoming an increasingly important factor that ought to be taken into consideration during the process of any website build, no matter how big or small the website may be. Page speed is the length of time it takes for a specific web page to fully load and it can be affected by a vast number of matters, such as hosting, website design or the coding, to name a few. But you have already managed to get the...Read More>
  Some website owners are hit with Google Penalties without even knowing it. Others know that it has happened, but feel powerless against it. Well, we’re here to say that you are not powerless. With help from SEM Consultants, you can remove the Google Penalty and get on with making money and reeling in website traffic. But what is a Google Penalty anyway? What does it mean for you? Why have you got one? And what can be done to...Read More>
  When creating a website, or better yet investing in professional web design, you should ensure that the following web pages are included. These pages are not only basic website necessities, but they are also crucial for business and search engine optimisation. Search engine marketing should be at the forefront of your plans for your web design. Your website is the key part of your online presence, and so you can’t cut any corners. Instead, if you implement these key...Read More>
23rd November 2017

Online Marketing Glossary

We at SEM Consultants want to ensure that you don’t get lost in the massive world of internet marketing. Sometimes you are given a lot of information that doesn’t help and only confuses you. Well, allow us to help. Here we have created an extensive list of words and phrases often used in online marketing. You’re welcome! 404 Server Error: The HTTP 404 Not Found Error appears when a webpage you’re trying to reach can’t be found on a server....Read More>
  There are many techniques to bring traffic to your site, but here we have listed the 4 main ones. These should be a no-brainer, but some people don’t realise just how important these techniques can be. There are some things that are crucial to your business, and all of them are needed to put you on your audience’s radar. But how? Why? Well, we’re about to tell you! Don’t lose out on potential sales, instead ensure you invest in...Read More>
Social media refers to all of those sites and apps that people use every day. It is believed that 2.46 billion people worldwide use social media in some form or another, so doesn’t it make sense that your business uses social media marketing? It may seem odd to use things like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for marketing, but when all of your potential customers are there in one place, it is crucial to optimise the use of these social media...Read More>
If you are serious about marketing your business and gaining valued customers, then you need to take a moment to think about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO optimises your chances of being noticed on search engines. We all know that Google is at the centre of everything, so if your business were to appear at the top of the search results page when searching on Google, then you’re more likely to get those much-needed conversions. But how do you get...Read More>
Investing in good content marketing for your business could not be more important. Any site that is a poor read can discourage potential sales because they give the impression of “start-up”, “amateur”, or “unprofessional”. You don’t want to seem like any of those things, even if you actually are a start-up company – especially if you are a start-up, in fact. If you are a new business, the right online content can be the difference between putting yourself on the...Read More>

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