What is Duplicate Content?

If you are taking the plunge into the world of SEO content and online marketing, one term you may have come across is ‘duplicate content’. If the terms thin content and duplicate content have you puzzled, our guide is here to help with everything from what is duplicate content to what you can do about […]
23rd April 2024 Laura Sargeant

How To Optimise LinkedIn for Small Business Success

LinkedIn isn’t just a platform for job seekers and professionals; it’s a goldmine for small businesses looking to grow, connect with potential clients, and establish their brand presence. In this fast-paced digital age, a well-optimised LinkedIn profile is no longer optional. It’s a necessity for small business owners looking to gain a competitive edge and […]
24th October 2023 Miranda Griffith

Evergreen Content: Why is it Important for Small Businesses?

The struggle to consistently produce fresh content on a small business blog is real! If you’ve ever tried small business blogging, you’ll know it can be hard to keep up with the demand for relevant content that stands out and ranks on Google. If you’ve found yourself stuck and you want to bring more organic […]
24th September 2023 Miranda Griffith

Our Complete Guide to Link Building for Small Businesses

The need for an all-encompassing SEO strategy has never been greater. With countless businesses getting their business online every day, competition in the online world is fierce. For those in the know, link building can be a key part of ensuring SEO success, particularly for small businesses. However, it is worth approaching with caution, with […]
2nd May 2023 Laura Sargeant

Everything You Need to Know About Google Business Profiles

If you are looking for ways to improve your website’s local SEO or promote your business locally, a Google Business Listing is essential. Taking the time to create a professional-looking GMB profile can help boost your brand’s visibility online whether you are a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront or an online-only business. Whilst optimising Google profiles is […]
5th April 2023 Laura Sargeant

How do Small Businesses Improve Local Rankings with Local SEO?

  If you’re a small business, knowing how to make yourself more visible online is probably something you wrestle with daily. If your marketing campaign doesn’t include local SEO, this could be why you struggle to be seen online. Many small businesses often rely on local customers who look to buy products or use their […]
31st March 2023 Miranda Griffith

How to Optimise Product Pages for SEO

If you run an online e-commerce business and are looking for ways to optimise product pages, SEO could help boost traffic and conversions for your site. Search engine optimisation harnesses an audience of people searching for your products in Google, directing them to your website organically. By combining the power of paid advertising such as […]
24th February 2023 Laura Sargeant

Can AI Replace my SEO Agency?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the capabilities of text generators like ChatGPT and the potential impact they may have on the world of SEO and digital content creation. The hot topic of AI in SEO has led to questions like “is SEO dead?” and “Will AI take over […]
22nd February 2023 Miranda Griffith

Everything You Need to Know About The Latest Google Link Spam Update.

  If you’re running an effective marketing campaign, chances are you’ve got a strategy for creating backlinks but how good are those links? Does quantity mean more than quality when it comes to your link-building strategy? If you’re not too discerning about your SEO link building and to you, backlinking means “the more, the merrier”, […]
25th January 2023 Miranda Griffith

How to Increase Domain Authority on Your Website

If you run or are planning to run a website in either a personal or business capacity, domain authority is key to getting your website found. There are plenty of things that influence search engine ranking but DA or domain authority is widely considered a good indicator of how well your page will rank in […]
30th December 2022 Laura Sargeant