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If you are making your first step as a business into the online world, social media marketing is a fantastic place to start. With a large portion of the world’s population spending their time glued to their phones, social media allows you to interact with your audience on a personal level and create an online community based around your product. Done well, social media marketing can help your business flourish online and boost brand visibility massively. If you are getting...Read More>
With 2019 set to be the year for a lot of social,  political and economic change, it is time to think about whether your online cannabis business is prepared for 2019 & beyond. There are some exciting changes ahead in the world of cannabis products in the UK and it is important for your business to be ready to embrace these changes. New legislation means that you can look forward to some pretty exciting changes over the coming year. This...Read More>
As we know, with each and every Instagram update comes a brand new social media feature for us to get excited about. And the latest is a big one! Introducing IGTV, or Instagram TV: a service, available either through the IGTV app or Instagram itself, that allows you to upload and view videos in vertical mode. This is great news for many people as it combines a couple of things that we all love: watching videos and content that’s optimised...Read More>
Thanks to consistent Instagram updates, ways to use Instagram for business are ever evolving – there is always a new Instagram business idea to put your brand on the social media map. We've already talked generally on the blog about utilising Instagram for business, but there's a mistake many businesses are still making, and its to do with Instagram stories and story highlights. Many brands consider their Instagram story as a place to publish any random content that isn’t quite...Read More>
  Marketing your business on Instagram is a great idea, but how do you do it? Why should you do it? Well, Instagram's over 700 million users answers that question. It should be a part of every business's social media marketing strategy to use Instagram to the fullest. If you want to reach a massive audience of people, that is. Here, we have composed a guide to getting the most out of Instagram and optimising your efforts for a successful...Read More>
2017 was a big year for social media. Instagram dominated over the big guns, including Facebook and Snapchat, 'Salt Bae' taught us all a lesson in the art of going viral, and of course… THAT Beyoncé pregnancy announcement that broke the internet. Brands the world over utilise social media platforms as a powerful marketing tool due to the sheer global reach the platforms attain. But, falling behind in an ever-changing industry is easy. Here are FIVE social media trends you...Read More>
  By now, most businesses will be aware of search engine marketing (SEM). In case you’re new to the marketing world, we’ll explain. Search engine marketing involves marketing your business with a focus on ranking on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.). In this day and age, most people are online, and therefore your business must be, too. It isn’t enough to have a really good website and maybe a Facebook Business Page, though, instead you need to consistently optimise...Read More>
  There are quite a lot of mistakes that businesses make on a regular basis when it comes to online marketing. However, these are all avoidable. We at SEM Consultants have devised a list of marketing mistakes that you can avoid in order to help your business do better and thrive. With our help, you can be getting a better ROI with every move you make. So, what marketing mistakes are you making… Overloading your readers Sometimes we worry so...Read More>
  By now, everyone will have heard of Twitter – but did you know that it can be an excellent online marketing tool? Frequently using Twitter as a whole can take your business much further, and help to put your content in front of the right people. Your target audience can stroll through their Twitter feed, see your content, and engage with you and build a trust. This can then lead to a conversion and their custom. So, what does...Read More>
There are a lot of people who think that the most important thing about content marketing is simply putting out content regularly – and sometimes at the expense of quality. This is a big mistake and there are many more that people are making without even realising it. Don’t fear, though, because we at SEM Consultants want to help you do better and take your content further, so here is a list of content mistakes to avoid. Poor grammar and...Read More>
  If you have a Facebook Page that is inactive, and has been for some time, but you wish to retrieve it, we at SEM Consultants can help. With a Facebook Business Page, you can reach your audience in the appropriate space, knowing that those who see the content are people who are actually interested and likely to convert into customers. However, some people make Facebook pages and leave them dormant. And Facebook doesn’t like this! If you finally want...Read More>
  Words are great; we use them everyday to express ourselves. In this modern age, however, you are able to convey a message with a lot more than just words or text online. From emojis and memes to videos and infographics, there is a multitude of ways to express ourselves, and they often work a lot better than written text. Moving with the times is even more important if you are a business. Good online marketing means you need to...Read More>
4th December 2017

How to Advertise on Facebook

  Facebook is such a giant that there isn’t a person out there who hasn’t heard of it. Better yet, most of us have (or have had) a Facebook account. For this very reason, it is in your best interest to utilise Facebook marketing to your advantage. It will be a means of reaching millions of people with your business. Facebook’s algorithm will help the right people to find you, and using its tools, you can manipulate your posts or...Read More>
23rd November 2017

Online Marketing Glossary

We at SEM Consultants want to ensure that you don’t get lost in the massive world of internet marketing. Sometimes you are given a lot of information that doesn’t help and only confuses you. Well, allow us to help. Here we have created an extensive list of words and phrases often used in online marketing. You’re welcome! 404 Server Error: The HTTP 404 Not Found Error appears when a webpage you’re trying to reach can’t be found on a server....Read More>
  There are many techniques to bring traffic to your site, but here we have listed the 4 main ones. These should be a no-brainer, but some people don’t realise just how important these techniques can be. There are some things that are crucial to your business, and all of them are needed to put you on your audience’s radar. But how? Why? Well, we’re about to tell you! Don’t lose out on potential sales, instead ensure you invest in...Read More>
Social media refers to all of those sites and apps that people use every day. It is believed that 2.46 billion people worldwide use social media in some form or another, so doesn’t it make sense that your business uses social media marketing? It may seem odd to use things like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for marketing, but when all of your potential customers are there in one place, it is crucial to optimise the use of these social media...Read More>

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