Culture Hacking: How Campaigns Can Help Online Businesses

We all know that one of the difficulties of a new business is getting consumers to see your name. Obviously, search engine optimisation (SEO) is one way to do this, but how exactly does that work. Here we look into one way to boost your online ranking by CBD content campaigns.

Working with a campaign means that you arrive on search engines not only when people search for your business, but when people are interested in a campaign you can appear in those searches too.

High profile cases

For example, in 2018 there were two high profile cases involving children with severe epilepsy and how cannabis oil helped them enormously. These two cases resulted in a change in the law, allowing prescription in exceptional circumstances. If you have a business in CBD or hemp, which are growing UK business trends, being involved and vocal in these campaigns will raise your profile. Having terms like the names of those involved, or Home Secretary Sajid Javid who was involved in the law change, high up on web pages will increase the amount of search terms that your business appears in. Local cases are also important, although they don’t get as much coverage, often the people involved are more passionate. Having your ear to the ground on these issues and engaging with them online will encourage interaction from local business, communities, influencers and journalists, as well as the public. Signing petitions/linking them from your page is a great way to this also.

Give your perspective

People like stories, and although you might not necessarily be directly selling your product, being vocal through stories and about campaigns happening in your field will connect with people. If you have an article about the new legislation regarding medicinal cannabis, people interested in this will now find your website, hear about your brand, and then immediately you open yourself up to more potential customers. Also social media activism can really help you engage here. Short videos and infographics are great ways to do this, and using hashtags is vital for people interested to find you. Then from being found they can engage with your business and you can engage back.

High profile faces

Influencers are the new celebrities, with passionate followers that can be vital to tap into. By engaging influencers you automatically can alert their followers to your presence. There are even people known as cannabis influencers, such as Dr Sanjay Gupta on Instagram, who has 27,000 followers, who if handled correctly could endorse you without even realizing. Finding celebrities involved in campaigns is also an excellent way to do this. As an example, Richard Branson has long been an advocate for legalisation of medicinal cannabis, and is even interested in investing in such businesses. Just by mentioning him there’s another search term that you will crop up in. You may even be able to garner an interaction with him on social media, there’s another way to become visible to potential customers.

Influential groups

Also, familiarising yourself with major campaign organisations is worthwhile. In the cannabis industry a big player is the United Patients Alliance (UPA), and knowing what they do, and maybe even collaborating if your company has similar values to them could be great for your business. Where many online business fall down is by underrating the value of building relationships. There show humanity and personality over a corporate side. Think about your favourite restaurant or bar, the reason you might go in is the service is always friendly rather than they’re simply the cheapest. Competing on price can be hard, so it’s important to not focus solely on that, and working with lobbyists and campaigners can give you can edge in the online world. SEM Consultants want to help its clients overcome the difficulties in a competitive market show how businesses can stand out and get ahead.

The bigger the net, the more fish you can catch, and by being vocal around cbd campaigns you will start to increase the size of that net. Have you thought about how to best capture the market share your business deserves?