Free SEO Resources to Help You Understand Your Impact on the Digital Market

Imagine being a market trader selling scarves, and being at a market where everyone is selling scarves and scarf related products. Not only that, but it includes everyone in the world that’s selling scarves and scarf related products, now that’s what it’s like on a search engine. The stalls that will sell the most are probably the ones that attract the most attention and have the best footfall, and that’s what SEO is all about.

Here we have a quick guide to five free resources to help you understand what SEO is, and how you can improve your market share. We’re not including jargon-heavy tools that those who are already in the game use, but tools to give an understanding of the importance of SEO, and how you can up your game.

1 – Answer the Public (

As a beginner in the world of SEO, Answer the Public is a great tool to help you understand why it’s so important. It’s extremely simple, all you have to do is put in a keyword and it will tell you the most common google queries relating to it. The premise being that if your website can answer these questions, and include some of this vocabulary in headings, then you can increase your chances of appearing in certain internet searches.

2 – Browseo (

This is a great representation of why SEO is key. This presents your website in the way that a search engine will see it, so you can see the difference between how an algorithm will look at your website as opposed to a human looking at it. This kind of x-ray vision should highlight why engaging with services that help you with SEO and SEM is vital for your business.

3 – Yoast (

This one is only for WordPress users, since it operates as a plugin. It offers advice for each page about how to better optimise the page for search engines. It is not comprehensive, and it does not have all the answers. However, if you are just getting into SEO it can offer some nice pointers to get you started.

4 – Keyworddit (

This one is great for finding out the sorts of conversations people are having surrounding a particular topic. It works within reddit, you simply enter a term and it will give you some of the most talked about subjects within subreddits with that term. Knowing what people are talking about is key to SEO, and this includes a great little context tool where you can see not only what people are discussing, but how they are discussing it.

5 – The Wayback Machine (

This one may be a little left field. This allows you to view archives of the internet. So let’s say your website has dropped off in traffic a lot in the past 6 months, here you can see what your website used to be like, and then it can be a kind of spot the difference as you identify what potential issues might be.

There we have it, five useful tools for getting started in SEO. If you use these and want to know more, SEM Consultants are specialists in this field and can deep dive into the more technical aspects of SEO and SEM to make sure you stand out in a crowded marketspace.