What Does Good Web Design Have to Do With SEO?

We know the problem, your company is taking a leap into the digital world with a brand new website to drive online sales and show your customers who you are. You have a design you love and set it live only for… nothing to happen. Whilst visually attractive website design might be able to win your customers over once they arrive on your site, SEO is what will bring them there in the first place and a lack of SEO in your website design could cause it to stumble before it can run. If you want a website that gives you results such as high conversion rates, SEO must be part of your web design process.

What Do SEO and Web Design Have to Do With Each Other?

Both web design and SEO aim to provide users with a good experience in different ways. When it comes to good web design, involving SEO expertise from the start is integral to your website being a success. Without SEO guiding how your page will function and how you could be ranking in Google, you could be throwing away a large portion of your website visitors and causing issues that will need to be fixed further down the line with a lot more work. SEO web design services take the expertise of website development and pair it with the knowledge of customers and google of an SEO to help your website find success from the start.

With many businesses, SEO is something only considered once a website is up and running leading to costly website updates and time-consuming content reviews. Using SEO from the very start of your web design process ensures all elements of your new website, such as site structure are SEO optimised the first time around and any content is already SEO optimised ready to be tweaked in the future if needed to reflect industry changes.


What is SEO Web Design?

SEO web design is the process of designing and building a website by looking beyond simple visual website elements into how your website will be viewed by search engines. It’s no secret that the majority of clicks in Google come from the first search results page with the lion’s share going to the top three ranked search results. A website that works with Google’s algorithms has to be more than simply a combination of website copy and design. 

SEO-friendly web design helps boost your website’s chances of ranking highly and harnessing the free organic traffic that comes along with a website that performs. It takes into account every part of your website from the structure down to even how your images are displayed to ensure every element works seamlessly together as a visitor-friendly website that outperforms your competitors when it comes to search engine rankings and conversions.


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SEO-Driven Design Practices

By following SEO best practices such as mobile-first design or responsive design, quick loading speeds and optimised URLs, your website will appeal to both search engines and users alike. Part of how Google now ranks websites is to do with how ready it is to meet the needs of those surfing the web. With the number of people visiting websites on their mobile phones ever on the rise, Google prioritizes and relegates websites based on how mobile-friendly their design and function is whilst loading speeds mean fewer people will get bored waiting for your website to load and leave. Incorporating SEO best practise as part of the web design process allows all of these search engine niggles to be picked up and actioned before they become issues for your website.


Why is SEO Website Design So Important?

Whilst paid advertising and social media offer efficient ways to bring visitors to your website, only optimising your website for search engines can ensure a continuous stream of free, relevant visitors to your website. SEO considers everything from navigation to content to meta descriptions to ensure your website is the best it can be for both search engines and your target audience. Website design elements such as mobile optimisation and website speed both work to improve your website’s performance, enhancing user experience and your website’s chances of ranking in google.

If your website isn’t designed with SEO in mind, it runs the risk of not getting seen by potential leads as well as struggling to rank on Google and even affecting your conversion rates if uninterested visitors are visiting your site because of poor optimisation. Fixing these issues in the future is a much more long-winded process and could end up costing your company in the long run.

SEO Content

Part of any website design process is the addition of content, after all, this is what will drive visitors to your website, inform and entertain them whilst they are they are visiting and hopefully convert them into paying customers through the art of persuasion. However, simply adding a few words to a page and setting your website live, isn’t going to do this. Incorporating SEO-driven content to your website from the word go is imperative to your website gaining traction as it takes its first steps into the online world. SEO content involves the images, media, words and even structure of your website text to attract both people and search engines to your content and allow your product or service to shine.

SEO content allows the information on your website to be clearly accessed by your audience reducing bounce rates and increasing the time spent on your page and the likelihood of those leads converting. Having SEO input to the layout and design of website pages, as well as the website structure can save time redesigning the website pages later on as it will be formed with content creation and organic traffic in mind from the start. Combining SEO content, design and website design best practices is a winning formula for your website’s success and online prowess in the world of Google search.


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Web Design and SEO Services

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