Google Ads Management

Your Google Ads Certified Agency

Since 2008, we’ve managed Google Ads accounts in Birmingham for a portfolio of clients, covering a wide range of industries and business sizes. All of our team members complete a thorough training plan and attain a Google-certified status that is maintained through intermittent exams. At SEM Consultants, every Google Ads campaign is managed by an account manager who has proven they are capable of running everything from small Google Ads accounts to large, complex ad accounts.

Performance-Based Google Ads Consultancy

We speak conversions and ROI. Our Birmingham Google Ads account management process involves looking deeply into your campaigns and making changes based on key metrics, such as conversions, conversion rate and return on ad spend. After all, we want you to have an upturn in your online sales, so it makes perfect sense to solely focus on delivering results that matter and improving these key statistics.

Why is Google Ads Management Important?

Generate a list of keywords and throw them into the Google paid ads fire, right?

Wrong! Many businesses make this common ad management mistake when trying to build and run their Google Ads accounts themselves. We manage your Google Ads account with a clear campaign structure that groups your keywords into manageable, highly themed groups. This initial stage of optimisation gives your keywords the best chance of achieving a high click-through rate. Poor Google Ads management could mean countless pounds of wasted ad spend without a return on investment. That’s why our highly-targeted approach works to meet your business goals with a high ROI and a strategic mindset.

The right type of professional Google Ads management means your ads find the right people for your business, turning them into converting and paying customers. Whether you are looking for remarketing ads, search ads or any other types of ads on the Google Ads platform, results-driven ads management is key.

Google Ads Campaign Management


  • Create highly themed ad groups for your PPC campaigns
  • Set up conversion tracking & Google Analytics reporting
  • Research and build on an extensive negative keyword list
  • Use the most relevant keywords for your products or service
  • Test different versions of PPC ads to improve key metrics
  • Manage your Google Ads keyword bids for target metrics
  • Consult with you to improve conversion rates
  • Help optimise your keywords & landing pages
  • Improve your quality scores
  • Help generate a flood of sales & enquiries from your website
  • Give you direct access to your Google Pay Per Click account manager
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Our Google Ads Services

  • Google Text Ads

    With Google text ads looking increasingly similar to search engine results and sitting at the top of results pages, it has never been more important to create the perfect text ad. We’re trailblazers when it comes to managing Google Ads in Birmingham, so you can trust us to create superior text ads and expanded text ads. Since the start of 2017, Google Expanded Text Ads have been gifting us with an increased character limit to express our creativity and be more innovative with ad content than previous Google Text Ad styles permitted.

    The new mobile optimised Expanded Text Ads consist of two title fields, both of 30 characters each, a description field of 80 characters, a display URL and two optional path fields for your display URL if you wish. Thanks to many years of experience, we know how to write clear and precise ad copy to communicate all necessary information to audiences that will encourage them to visit your website. We’re able to add a creative flair and write original text ads that will further captivate users.

    Our experienced team of Pay per Click account managers are ready and waiting to get their hands on your text ads, so if you are looking for Google Ads campaign management in Birmingham, look no further than SEM Consultants.

  • Google Shopping

    Google Shopping is possibly the most convenient way for shoppers to quickly locate the products they are looking for, with very minimal effort. There are thousands of products on the internet, but online shoppers are more inclined to make the purchase if they can see what they are buying. Rather than relying on inaccurate product descriptions that could leave them a dissatisfied customer, shopping ads show the product in image form in their results. In today’s saturated digital age can you really afford to pass up this Google service?

    Google Shopping ads are fully optimised and compatible with mobile devices, meaning your products can reach potential consumers whether they are at home on their computer, or on-the-go browsing their mobiles or tablets, vastly widening your audience reach.

    Our seasoned Google Ads experts are well versed in setting up and running Google Shopping accounts, a task they complete day-in-day-out, so know the best ways to make your products instantly visible to a mass of future buyers. SEM Consultants is a primary service provider of Google Shopping in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands area, so contact us now to see how we can help you!

  • Google Remarketing

    Google Remarketing is a clever method of advertising that displays your advertisements to users that have previously accessed your website whilst they are browsing the internet. This could be on a YouTube video, scrolling Facebook, reading a news website or even in the sidebar of a clothing website. This then becomes a rather powerful advertising tactic. Whether they are knowingly doing so or subconsciously, your potential customer or service user is absorbing your ad and it will stay in their mind. This makes them more likely to return to your website which could well result in a further conversion.

    With an abundance of experience in Google Remarketing in Birmingham, our account managers have the knowledge and skill to propel your targeted ads to the phone or computer screen of the most relevant audience. So, if you are looking for Birmingham Google Remarketing and PPC specialists, don’t hesitate to contact SEM Consultants today!

Google Ads FAQs
  • How Does Google Ads Work?

    Google Ads works by showing ads to customers who are looking for your services or products online. Whether that be on mobile devices, desktop, tablets and tv screens.

    Google Ads helps to drive highly relevent traffic to your website and encourage potential customers to take action. That action could be increasing online sales, driving phone calls or generating leads.
    Depending on your objectives, there a few different campaign formats you can use to help increase traffic to your website.
    The expert PPC team at SEM can help you to decide on the best Google Ads campaign for your business.

  • What Types of Google Ads Are Best For My Business?

    When we set up your Google Ads account, we’ll discuss the types of Google Ads in the format that best suits your business goals. Many of our clients use text ads that appear in Google search results and shopping ads that appear as product listings on Google. We also utilise Performance Max Campaigns that allow us to access all ad spaces from a single campaign. This means your ads can be displayed across all Google channels. This a great option that allows clients with smaller budgets to get the most out of their ad spend.
    The nature of your campaign and your objectives will determine which type of Google ad format is best for your business. The types of Google Ad campaign include:

    • Search campaigns
    • Display campaigns
    • Shopping campaigns
    • Video campaigns
    • Discovery campaigns
    • Performance max campaigns.
  • How Much Does Google Ads Cost?

    With Google Ads, you have the freedom to determine the maximum price you pay for a click on your ad. This is done by setting a max CPC (cost-per-click) when using a manual bidding strategy. This kind of bidding strategy gives you more control of how much you pay for a click.

    Google Ads gives you the flexibility to pause or stop ads/ campaigns whenever you like and you can set a marketing budget that will suit you. There is also the option to use Google’s automated smart bidding strategies. With this strategy, Google will automatically set bids for each individual auction and users can benefit by saving time. It also allows the AI to help deliver a better performance.


  • Is Google Ads Worth it With a Small Budget?

    A small Google Ad budget can still be worthwhile since there is no minimum requirement for the amount you spend. Small businesses often have smaller budgets than large-scale businesses but a small budget can allow you to compete with businesses with similar budgets.

    To start with, a small budget will help us to gather data about the type of campaigns that work best for your business but bear in mind that an increased budget is likely to deliver better results like more clicks and business calls. A bigger budget also allows you to compete on a grander scale.


  • What are the Benefits of Google Ads?

    Using the Google advertising platform has a host of benefits for small businesses. As well as being able to set a flexible budget, you’re able to turn your ad campaigns on and off at your discretion to suit the needs of your business. This is because when you set up your Google Ad account you’re not tied to a contract. Here are some other benefits of using Google Ads:

    • You can use keywords relevent to you services & products to show ads to potential customers.
    • You can use negative keywords to filter out search terms which are irrelevant or not suitable to your services or products. This helps to reduce wasted spend.
    • You can target customers by their location.
    • You can use demographic targeting to help target the right customer for you (age, gender, income).
    • You can set an ad schedule to run your ads on specific days or a specific time of day.
    • You can control which devices your ads show on (desktop, mobile, tablet & tv).
    • You can use audiences to target customers by their interests, intent & demographics.
    • The success of your Google Ads campaign can be tracked and with each interaction, you‘ll know what type of action took place, i.e calls, clicks or forms completed.
    • Google has a massive amount of reach with over a billion searches taking place every day. Google Ads allow you to be seen by searchers across the globe.
    • You can see the results very quickly with paid search. This allows you to know where to focus your investment to maximise your advertising efforts.