Google AdWords Responsive Text Ad Preview Tool

Build compelling, click-worthy text ads with this simple-to-use, Responsive Text Ad Builder tool!

Take the guessing out of building your new Responsive Search Ads by using our Google AdWords Ad Builder Tool…

As Google AdWords experts we know how important Ad copy is to click through rates, cost per click and quality score, which is why we developed this handy tool so that each one of our Google Certified individuals can script and test ad text easily and quickly. Once developed, we thought it was that useful, that we would share it with you!

So more about Responsive Text Ads… what are the benefits? The ad format still in BETA allows advertisers to create one ad with multiple headlines and two descriptions. Google will test ad combinations dynamically to serve the best combination possible for your advertiser’s needs. What’s more, Google’s giving responsive search ads more Ad real estate than expanded text ads so your responsive text ad could show up to three headlines and up to two 90-character descriptions.

You can read more about Responsive text Ads in Google’s Support Center (, or get started using our tool today.