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A Google Business listing is crucial for any company wanting to compete in a local market. By listing your business on Google, you’ll be able to take charge of how customers view you, and what they see when they search for you. GMB (Google My Business) profiles are particularly useful if you are looking for a way to target local customers who are looking for a product or service like yours in your area.

Our Google Business Profile creation and management service uses expert SEO knowledge to create a listing that helps promote your business and in turn boost your SEO efforts. We utilise everything this Google tool has to offer for all of our clients, as we consider a Google Business listing to be essential when it comes to presenting all of your current and future customers with the information they need. Once our team of SEO experts have set up your Google Business account and listing for you, your business details will display on Google Search, and even Google Maps results. With Google My Business, we can also ensure that all of your glowing client reviews are showcased in one easy-to-find place.

Why Create a Google Business Profile?

For any business that wants to have an online presence or appear in local search results, a Google Business listing is essential. There are many benefits to creating and maintaining a GMB profile including ensuring customers can easily discover the correct information and details for your business. This‌ can improve the overall customer experience and impression of your brand from the word go.


  • Appear in Google Search & help local customers find your business online & in-person
  • Display your business information in one easy-to-find place
  • Showcase positive customer reviews to potential new customers
  • Attract customers to your website
  • Help support your local SEO efforts

What Do Our Google Business Services Include?

Our GMB service provides everything you need to create and maintain a successful Google My Business Listing to help improve your local SEO.


  • Google My Business Account Creation
  • Google Business Profile Build
  • Google Business Profile Management
  • Advice on how to make the most from your GMB profile
Google My Business FAQs
  • What is Google My Business Used for?

    Google My Business is a Google profile that appears in Google’s search results and Google Maps. GMB profiles are used as a way to promote your business and allow your business to show up in local search results and searches related to your business. They can work as a way for potential customers to find key information such as your website, phone number and address with one quick Google search. They are also a way to gather positive feedback on your products and services.

  • Why Do I Need a Google My Business Account?

    If you would like to create any sort of presence online for your business, a Google Business Listing is essential. Google Business Profiles are a key tool to help your business appear in Google searches, particularly if you are looking for a way to target local customers. Google listings can help direct potential customers to your website, storefront and phone lines helping them to convert into paying customers. GMB insights can also help you track how you are performing in local searches making it a valuable tool.

  • Is Google Business Worth It?

    Google Business Profiles are a worthwhile tool to use as part of any marketing strategy. As well as including key information about your business and a CTA, Google Business listings can also include photos of products that can ultimately lead to sales, as well as the option to chat with customers or encourage them to leave reviews. Both of which go a long way in terms of building customer loyalty making it a great lead generation tool.

  • How Do I Access My Google My Business Page?

    When we create your Google Business page, we’ll make sure everything is optimised to showcase your business in its best light. We’ll also make sure you have access to your GMB account when you need it to keep your business profile up to date and talk you through how to access your Google Business account if needed.

  • Can I Still Use Google Business Profiles if I Don’t Have a Physical Store Front?

    Yes. As long as you can provide a valid address to Google to prove you are a real business, you do not need a physical storefront to use Google Business Profiles.

  • Can I Add Multiple Locations to My Google Business Account?

    If you are a business based out of multiple locations, it is simple to add these multiple locations to your Google Business Profile. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help.