Google Penalty Removal

Why Choose SEM for Google Penalty Recovery Services?

SEM Consultants are experts at Google penalty removals, with proven success across a wide spectrum of business industries and sizes. Our daily jobs require us to study and understand Google’s ever changing algorithms, Google’s Quality Guidelines and how to adhere to these boundaries when planning and executing an SEO campaign. Our accomplished teams of SEO Account Managers find it extremely easy to pinpoint any ‘Black Hat’ SEO techniques that may have been used by another agency, that could well be causing your Google penalty. Google introduces a new tweak to one of its many ranking algorithms almost on a weekly basis, for some this can be a difficult concept to grasp; not for the professionals at SEM Consultants. We fully understand all the twists, turns and updates of all Google algorithms from Panda, Penguin, Possum, Pigeon and everything in-between. Algorithms happen instantaneously, and while some believe they can be a lot to handle, SEM feel this makes it easier to respond to and eradicate Google penalisations.

How Do I Know if I Have a Google Penalty?

There are a few key, telltale signs that will help you to distinguish if you have been hit with a Google penalty, this could either be a manual action or algorithmic penalty. A manual penalty from Google is very easy to spot by logging into your Webmaster Tools account. You will receive a notice from Google, informing you whether a page or your entire website has been struck with a manual action. Although they are easy to spot, they are notoriously hard to counteract, with some people even suggesting to cut your losses and start a new domain. Algorithmic penalties are much harder to detect, although if you notice an unforeseen and substantial drop in traffic or rankings, it is likely you have fallen victim to Google’s algorithm changes.

Why Have I Got a Google Penalty?

Many people assume that using spam and disingenuous SEO techniques are the only reasons for a penalty. However, providing a substandard user experience for your audiences can also be reason enough for Google to penalise your website.

Receiving a manual action penalty means a Google employee has personally reviewed your website and uncovered one or more violations of Google’s guidelines and therefore issued you with a manual action. Algorithmic penalties transpire when your website triggers a safeguard that is built into Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Common Google algorithmic penalties are Panda and Penguin penalties. They don’t sound so threatening, do they?

Panda algorithms are rolled out on a monthly basis, unannounced, meaning they can be hard to keep up-to-date with and therefore people are not aware they are in breach. Penguin penalties materialise when your site is over-optimised. These updates are less frequent and usually announced by Google; however, it can still be tricky to rectify a penguin penalty since the knock-on effects do not appear instantly. Issues could include using unrelated keywords, hiding text or links, duplicate content, linking from spam website or irrelevant sites; the list is extensive, this is why you should bring in the professionals!

SEM Consultants use our years of critical thinking and SEO analysis to swiftly and accurately pinpoint the error or breach and conjure up a solution to have the penalty overturned as quickly as possible. Taking advantage of our Google penalty removal service will mean minimal disruption is caused to your business.

How Do I Fix a Google Penalty?

Through many years of practice, we have mastered a number of strategies on how to remove Google penalties quickly and with minimal disruption for your website and also your business. Our Google penalty removal service is uniquely tailored. This is because every individual penalty will require different methods and approaches to eradicate the problem. At SEM Consultants, we use a combination of tried and tested google penalty removal techniques:

  • On-site fixes such as content inspection and improvement
  • Manually removing any bad links that we detect in our link analysis
  • Followed by submitting disavow files for links we cannot manually remove

When you choose SEM Consultants for Google penalty removal in Birmingham, you can have full confidence we will have your rankings recovered in no time!

Google Penalty Removal FAQs

  • What kind of Google penalties can you get?

    The types of Google penalties you can get can either relate to one URL or your entire website. Google implements manual and algorithmic penalties which have different levels of severity. Manual penalties are issued by a real person employed by Google who has reviewed your website and this type of penalty is more severe since it demonstrates direct action taken by Google. Algorithmic penalties are automatically issued and are less devastating as they are issued indirectly by Google often after a major algorithm update or change.

  • How long do Google penalties last?

    The duration of a Google penalty depends on whether you were issued with a manual penalty or an algorithm penalty. Manual penalties can last between 10 days and 30 days but it is dependent on how swiftly you take action to fix the issue and apply for a reconsideration request along with how long it takes Google to accept your reconsideration request. The damage caused by algorithm penalties lasts significantly longer, sometimes up to six months.

  • How do you recover from a manual link penalty?

    To recover from a manual link penalty, firstly you’ll need to identify the pages that violated Google’s linking guidelines. Using Google Search Console will help point out which pages Google has been penalised for so you can remove the bad links that triggered the penalty. If you’re inexperienced in removing bad links, we recommend leaving this to experts. A professional Google penalty removal agency will ensure all of the links have been deleted so you can avoid further issues.

  • What happens when you get a Google penalty?

    One of the first signs that you have received a Google penalty is a drop in web traffic. This is often because your site is no longer appearing in search results or you’re not ranking for your targeted keywords anymore. As a result, your targeted audience won’t be able to find you. Employing “black hat” SEO tactics and duplicate content can result in a Google Penalty being issued.

  • What would result in a Google penalty?

    Google penalties can be issued for a number of reasons. Some of the things that lead to Google penalties include:

    • Publishing duplicate content
    • Having too many low-quality links
    • Cloaking images or links. Cloaking refers to the act of showing pages or images that differ from the page or image shown on Google
    • Keyword stuffing
    • Failing to follow rich snippet guidelines
    • User-generated spam
    • Thin, low-quality content
  • What is a manual penalty in Google?

    Google employs human reviewers who evaluate websites and issue manual penalties if your website violates Google’s webmaster quality guidelines. Most manual penalties are a result of attempting to manipulate search engines and they result in pages and websites ranking lower in search results or being omitted from the results altogether.

  • How do you avoid a Panda penalty?

    The Panda algorithm’s primary goal is to filter out poor-quality websites as a way to improve the quality of search results. This algorithm updates roughly on a monthly basis and looks at things like the speed of your website, how much duplicate content you have and whether the content on your website has been created with a human reader in mind or written for search engines. The best way to avoid a Panda penalty is to:
    Improve your website’s speed
    Remove all duplicate content from your website and rewrite fresh, people-first content that doesn’t resemble the original
    Replace poor-quality content that is over-optimised, uses outdated SEO practices or contains bad links