Google Remarketing and PPC – What is it?

In the world of online advertising, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. Making your mark on visitors who access your website can mean the difference between a sale and fading into obscurity. But how exactly do you grab the attention of people who have visited your site and keep it? SEO has already done the job of attracting interested people to your website but can do little to remind them of your product once they have left. Google remarketing is a way to turbo-charge your brand’s presence online, bring back past visitors and transform them into converted prospects. If you struggle with bringing repeat visitors back to your website, remarketing could be the way to boost return visits and convert more prospects.

What is Google Remarketing?

Simply put, Google remarketing is an advert online that targets customers who have already visited your website in the past. This could be visitors to your website who have had a quick look around or even customers who have added a product to their cart but somewhere along the line have left before completing the purchase. More specifically, remarketing collects the cookie ID added to a visitor’s website visit and uses this to add them to a remarketing list to target with future ads. Doing this can add value to that targeted list as those included within the group will include people who you know were at least interested enough in your product to visit your website. Remarketing allows you to stay with your customer even after they have left your website by following them to other websites and displaying your ad.


What Does Remarketing Have to Do With PPC?

Google remarketing is a key part of your PPC efforts and can be a fantastic tool to use in order to draw interested customers back to your website. Whilst also available on platforms such as Facebook, Google Remarketing display ads offer a way to implement and track your retargeting efforts in one place and analyze the results as part of your overarching Google ads strategy. Google AdWords allows you to create highly targeted remarketing ads that achieve high ad relevancy and attract the right people to your website.

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How Can Google Remarketing Help My Business?

If your business is struggling to get visitors to remember your brand after they have left your website, Google remarketing can help. Consider your customers as busy individuals who need a quick reminder of what they liked about your business as they buzz around the web. Google’s retargeting system works to follow your website visitors around the internet giving them occasional reminders as they get to know your brand and reminding them that, when they are ready to purchase, your company is there. By utilising the brand exposure Google remarketing and the GDN provides, your brand awareness and affinity with your audiences will increase. This provides a good platform for businesses looking to extend their reach and bring in repeat visitors with click-through rates improving as your brand affinity grows.


How Effective is Google Remarketing?

In terms of conversions and success, google ads retargeting is a fantastic tool that actually increases over time. Compared to some other google advertising features, remarketing ad conversion rates actually improve in conversions the longer they run. This is because, in contrast to expected ad fatigue of other methods, the more times a customer sees your brand around the web, the more likely they are to return to your website as a familiar feature when they become ready to purchase. Whilst search ads target people searching for key terms online, remarketing ads appear on websites your customers are visiting outside of the search engines giving them a broader reach.

In terms of the numbers, Google ads retargeting services see continued success and outperform a number of other methods frequently coming in second after search ads in terms of conversion rates and for some industries such as travel, for example, they can even offer better conversion rates. With cost-effective rates, Google remarketing is also an affordable way to gain returning customers online.


How Does Remarketing Work?

If you already use Google advertising, the good news is that it is relatively simple to get started with Google remarketing. The setup simply involves adding a short piece of code known as a remarketing pixel to your website. These visitors, using their user cookies are then added to a retargeting audience through Google Ads. This then works to track visitors after they leave your website and display your ads to them as they surf the web. When starting off in the world of Google remarketing it is a good idea to target all visitors who viewed your home page as an initial campaign. However, once you have become comfortable with creating campaigns and ads, you can start to get more granular with your retargeting efforts.

For more bespoke remarketing ads, you can even sort your remarketing groups by page, for example, if a selection of people look at steam mops on your website, you can gather all those who viewed that page into a ‘steam mop’ group in order to display a certain ad to them around the internet, perhaps for a free accessory with purchases or free shipping. You can even adapt your campaign audiences to differentiate between customers at different stages of the buying journey, for example, those who have added a product to their basket or have bought from your company before. Google also offers a wealth of other remarketing options such as mobile app remarketing and video remarketing. Remarketing ads can be served on the GND (Google Display Network) or Youtube to capture your visitors’ attention and bring them back to your site when they are ready.


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The Remarketing Journey


What is Dynamic Remarketing?

Dynamic retargeting is an intuitive method of advertising on the Google platform that uses information gathered on the user to personalise the user’s ad experience and offer them more bespoke ads related to things they may be interested in. It is a more custom version of google remarketing that offers more customised user journeys. Dynamic retargeting can use information such as products the user has in their shopping basket, pages they have visited previously, geographical location and more to display things such as the items they have viewed before and more as they visit other pages on the internet.


Top Tips for Remarketing With PPC 

When it comes to remarketing using Google Ads, there are a few key ways to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts.

  • Up-sell or cross-sell to existing customers. These are people you know are interested in your products, show them something that would go perfectly with a product they have bought or remind them to restock on a product they may be running out of.
  • Showcase different product categories on your website. Create dedicated remarketing lists to promote your products with dedicated ads.
  • Use dynamic remarketing to customise your visitors’ experience.
  • Use the frequency capping option to control how many times website visitors will see your ad during a given period. Match this to your business’s specific goals and needs.
  • Create custom audience groups based on the customer journey stage visitors have hit to customise their ad experience.


Where Can I Find Help With Google Remarketing?

For help with google remarketing, look no further than the Google advertising experts at SEM Consultants. Combining intuitive techniques with extensive knowledge, our paid search specialists can turbo-charge your remarketing campaigns to bring in repeat visitors to your website and encourage conversions at every level.

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