Google Launches Integrated WordPress Analytics PlugIn

A new WordPress plugin has been introduced by Google that will pull insights from Google tools to a user’s WordPress Admin panel. A plethora of Analytics plugins have been available for the web-building platform for quite some time. However, this is the first of its kind that has been created by Google themselves.

Named ‘Site Kit by Google,’ the first edition of the plugin will extract insights from Google Analytics, Search Console, AdSense and PageSpeed Insights, and display them in one handy hub on your WordPress dashboard.

The integrated Google tools help users optimise, monetise and more importantly, grow their WordPress websites:

Site Kit by Google

Google Analytics

Discover how users navigate your site, notice patterns and see if they complete your specified goal conversions

Search Console

See how many people found your site in search results and for what queries they discovered your site


AdSense allows you to monitor the earnings from your website

PageSpeed Insights

Discover the performance of your website and see advice on how to improve critical performance issues

Google has emphasised ease of use for the end user, and the plugin has been programmed as an easy to use tool regardless of your WordPress skillset, meaning even the average WP layman who is running their website to view Google insights with ease.

Insights for Individual Posts or Pages on Site Kit by Google

You will have access to Google insights for every page and blog post on your website, simply by navigating to your desired page or post, clicking the Site Kit button in your admin panel and WordPress will then display the insights you require for your chosen page.

WordPress will also notify the user when they hit publishing milestones, such as a publishing a certain number of posts, or receiving a certain amount of site impressions, as well as publicising combined statistics for your recently published posts or pages.

Celebrate Milestones with Site Kit by Google

Site Kit by Google will begin to phase out Beta testing from early 2019, and for those of you who are keen to get your hands on this invaluable plugin, you can sign up for early access to the Beta release here!

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