How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Website Traffic

Social media refers to all of those sites and apps that people use every day. It is believed that 2.46 billion people worldwide use social media in some form or another, so doesn’t it make sense that your business uses social media marketing? It may seem odd to use things like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for marketing, but when all of your potential customers are there in one place, it is crucial to optimise the use of these social media networks in order to gain conversions.

As I’m sure you know, there are a few social media giants that dominate the social media world. These are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. However, they aren’t the only websites that you should consider when coming up with a social media strategy. There is also Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Snapchat. Choosing which social media site to go with will wholly depend on your company and its target market. Different customers can be found in different places.

Professionals can be found on Google+ and LinkedIn whereas a younger audience are likely to be on Snapchat. With this in mind, it is safe to say that the social media trio – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – are perhaps your best investments because their user base is wider and more diverse. If you’re even more invested in your social media marketing, then it could be impactful to post videos on YouTube as they have over 1 billion users each month, and you can put the videos on your website.

All this may be well and good, but what should you post and how do you reach people? Being in such a big pond can be daunting, but with the right techniques for social media marketing, you can reach the right people directly. This is through the strategic use of features like appropriate hashtags, video tags, descriptions, titles, and keywords. If you implement keywords into these things, you are likely to attract the right people. From there, you will need good content, links to your site, and call-to-actions.

You can’t post any old thing, instead a good social media manager (like ours) will know how to tailor content to your target market and use the tone of your business. Visual content is a big must in good social media campaigns, because the sites’ users scroll through a lot of content, so an eye-catching image can be the difference between scrolling past you or stopping to read the post. The image or video needs to be relevant to who you are. Authenticity goes a long way. For products, promotional codes and discounts or “must-see new ranges” are things that catch customers’ attention. A well-taken picture of a sofa, for example, that is on offer and looks great in well-designed room, may at least inspire a click to your website. These are the conversions from social media that you want.

Social media marketing business features are a must in order to reach the right people faster and more directly. These are things like Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Instagram Ads. By setting up Ads on these sites, you are able to select who you want to see the post, page or other. You can boost a posts visibility and set it to target people who are a certain age range, location, or even have certain interests! Sounds great, right? With a good strategy, analysis and audience building on social media, you will start to see results.

In addition, a good social media following will help to authenticate your website, so Google is more likely to rank it highly. The higher the ranking, the higher the sales. And don’t forget, it’s called social media for a reason – so get social with potential customers!

With all this in mind, there is no question that a good social media strategy can boost website traffic, thus boost sales. At SEM Consultants, we have a fantastic social media manager who is ready to manage social media accounts that you have, ensuring you get the conversion rates you need and an increase in sales.