How to Advertise on Facebook


Facebook is such a giant that there isn’t a person out there who hasn’t heard of it. Better yet, most of us have (or have had) a Facebook account. For this very reason, it is in your best interest to utilise Facebook marketing to your advantage. It will be a means of reaching millions of people with your business. Facebook’s algorithm will help the right people to find you, and using its tools, you can manipulate your posts or pages to appear in front of your target audience. So, what magic does Facebook marketing have? How can you best use it? Well, let’s find out…

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are often used by businesses as a way of putting out their brand. You can create a Facebook business page, which will detail who you are, what you do, how a person can get in contact with you, and be a platform for Facebook posts relevant to your brand.

When Facebook users “Like” your Facebook business page, they are opting in to your posts. They will see your posts on their Feed, and can then like and comment and share further – which in itself is added marketing for you. However, getting a following can be difficult. You would have to promote your Facebook page, which will cost you per day, although it is definitely beneficial to some.

With a Facebook page, you will benefit from:

  • Having a Facebook following – and potential customers constantly seeing your news and updates
  • Having more credibility to potential customers
  • People getting to see who you (your business) are in a less professional setting
  • Being able to put out consistent, relevant content
  • Gaining engagement from Facebook followers

In order to use Facebook pages effectively, you will need to ensure your profile, about section and posts are up to a professional standard. Our social media marketing manager can help you with that.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is now a very popular and powerful method of online marketing. Therefore, not taking advantage of Facebook advertising would be a huge missed opportunity on your part. You can use Facebook ads to bring your content right to the forefront of a potential customer’s feed. Content of interest will pop up on their feed, inviting them to act on a call-to-action (likes, follow, offers, sales etc.)

How it works:

  • You pay for the Facebook ads
  • You select who you want the ad to appear in front of – by location, age, interests, everything!
  • You select how long you wish the ad to run
  • The ad will be promoting a Facebook page, post, offer, or website etc., which you will create yourself

The only downside is Facebook ads can end up costing quite a lot if it’s not used correctly. You would be better off with a professional who knows how and when to best use Facebook ads, and target the best people in order to actually achieve something substantial from the ad. Facebook ads can target precisely the right audience when used properly, and the right customers means you are getting a real return on investment.

Facebook Promoted Posts

When you post something on your Facebook business page, you may wish to promote the post as well. Facebook boosted posts, or Facebook promoted posts, will get significantly more views than one that isn’t boosted, as it ensures your followers see it, as well as their friends who may not follow you. This will then give way to more views, Facebook likes and follows – and perhaps even sales if you link it to your website with a call-to-action.

There is no point wasting time on posts that no one is seeing, therefore it may be in your best interest to promote Facebook posts – at least until you get a big following and social media presence.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are slightly different but can be great for some businesses. They are a means of directly getting your content to a certain group of people. This will be a closed group that has people interested in your particular brand or service (etc.) and they can engage with your content and discuss ideas. This can be brilliant for putting out specific content and delivering offers straight to people who you know will be interested.

However, this can be very time consuming.

Facebook Contests

You may not be aware, but you can actually host contests and promotions on Facebook. Facebook promotions are fantastic ways to gain intrigue from potential customers. Everyone loves a bargain, or something that is exclusive to them, and so Facebook contests go a long way. If done correctly, you can use call-to-actions tied to the contest in order to gain followers or likes. For example, you could say “like this page to be in with a chance to win _______”. From this, your Facebook contest is ensuring your following is boosted. However, these contests can not be hosted on Facebook itself, you will have to use third party sites or apps.

Our social media manager is used to hosting Facebook promotions, among other things, so you can be sure she will get you the results you desire.


Remember that marketing is a key part of business, and in this modern age, things like Facebook advertising just can’t be forgotten when it comes to online marketing. Therefore, our social media marketing manager will be happy to help get your business thriving on Facebook.