How to Increase Traffic to your Website

If your website visitors have seen a slump recently, or if you have a brand new website you want to help take off, digital tools are a fantastic way to increase website traffic and get more people viewing your page and using your services. Here are some of our favourite ways to get traffic to your website and how best to use them.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Digital Tools 

With everything from social media to your very own website offering a way to attract traffic, digital tools are one of the best ways to directly target customers looking for your product or service. In a world where the shift to the online marketplace is here to stay, digital tools can help increase web traffic and raise awareness of your brand in the online sphere. But how do you increase traffic to your website using digital tools?


How to Increase Website Traffic Through Social Media

Social media is a fantastic source of traffic to your website as well as a great way to build up your brand’s presence online. Depending on your target audience, harnessing social media to get traffic to your website could be one of the best digital tools for you. Social media targeting can focus your digital marketing efforts on specific audiences and demographics that fit your company to make sure your spending efforts are hitting the right place and driving converting traffic to your website.

Top Tips for Increasing Traffic Through Social Media

  • Choose the right social media platform for your business
  • Research how your target market uses social media
  • Personalise your social media activity to your target audience

When using social media to increase website traffic, be sure to look at the types of social media that fit your business and the type of customer your serve. For example, a high-end B2B consultancy may find Linkedin a good social media tool to increase site traffic but someone selling clothing or novelty gifts may find Instagram or Facebook to be more accessible to their customers. Do some market research into the types of social media your customers use and the types your competitors are using to access them. Social media marketing such as targeted adverts are a fantastic way to promote your product or service to prospective customers and boost traffic to your website in the process. Check out our blog on top tips for social media marketing for more.


How to Increase Website Traffic Organically

When it comes to increasing website traffic, you may have a low budget to work with. This is where organic website traffic increases can help. Organic traffic is website traffic that does not come directly from paid advertising online. When deciding on how to get traffic to your website, organic searches should not be left off your list.

Create Engaging Content to Attract Customers

When looking at building content to attract visitors to your website, you should always consider your target audience. What type of things are they interested in? What are the issues they face that your product or service could help solve? These are all elements that should work their way into your content in order to produce content that resonated with the type of people you want visiting your website. Doing this will create a good experience and naturally bring more people to your website, therefore increasing website traffic and your standing in search engines.

Use SEO Techniques to Increase Website Traffic 

If you are looking for a way to drive site traffic from Google, there are a number of ways optimising your website for SEO can help. On-page SEO factors such as image alt texts, meta descriptions and internal links can all help boost your website’s visibility in Google and therefore increase website traffic.  If you want to go further into the world of SEO, optimising your technical SEO as well as looking at off-page SEO techniques can also help increase your website traffic even further and attract relevant leads to your website.


Create a Website that Works

If you are looking for guidance on how to increase traffic to your website, one of the main things you should do a review of is your website itself. If your website isn’t up to the right standard, it can put prospective visitors off before they have even had a chance to look at what you offer or explore the website properly.

Some key things to look at when reviewing your website to increase site traffic are to make sure that your site speed is fast enough (we’ve talked through how to do this here), and to make sure that your website visitors can find all of the information they are looking for easily. If your website displays products then ensure these are logically arranged and the product descriptions contain all the information a customer could need, as well as being optimised for SEO.


Advertise Online to Increase Website Visitors

When it comes to seeing a clear and measurable increase in website visitors, paid advertising online is a clear winner. Creating dedicated campaigns targeting customers looking for a product or service like yours online can help increase the number of relevant visitors to your website. By creating optimised, high-quality online ads that wow, you could gain hundreds if not thousands of clicks through to your website.

When advertising online, be sure to create targeted campaigns based on specific audiences. Use data from previous visits to see where your website traffic is coming from and to inform how you set your google ads up for targeting. A well-targeted and memorable advert can turbo charge your website traffic and lead to a higher conversion rate on your website.


If you are looking for more ways to increase traffic to your website, our team of digital marketing experts is here to help. We have years of experience in a range of digital marketing fields with proven results. Get in touch now to find out how we can help your business website traffic increase.