The Importance of Visual Content Marketing


Words are great; we use them everyday to express ourselves. In this modern age, however, you are able to convey a message with a lot more than just words or text online. From emojis and memes to videos and infographics, there is a multitude of ways to express ourselves, and they often work a lot better than written text.

Moving with the times is even more important if you are a business. Good online marketing means you need to be able to convey a message to your target audience through a variety of means. Content marketing is something that every business should concern themselves with, and by making a few changes and additions, it will help to raise engagement with more people.

It isn’t as hard as you may think to use quality images and videos in your content marketing campaign. Video content marketing, when done correctly, can be so powerful. You can use how-to-videos, animations, explanations or even a vlog (video blog) for your video content marketing, and your target audience will engage.

Still not convinced that it’s worth your time? Well, check out these reasons why visual content marketing is so important.



It is easier to share an image or video than a whole article. It allows for more social media platforms, like Instagram or Twitter, to share it – where a person can consume the content quickly rather than having to click a link and be directed elsewhere. Providing easily shareable visual content will take your traffic to new heights, because it is simply easier to share and therefore likely to “go viral”.




No one has “enough time” anymore. They will take one look at a long article and change webpage. It has been proven that our attention span has become shorter and shorter over the years, meaning a large amount of text and time-consuming content, will result in less interest. Instead, if you vary your content, where possible, and make use of visual content, a person who is hard-up for time can still get the information from you in an easily consumable way. Plus, it may save you time to make use of video content marketing, because recording a quick 2-minute video is a lot easier than writing a long article.


Younger Generation

The younger generation have been raised on technology, so they are accustom to fast-action and image-driven content. They want a certain thing, so if you aim to attract their attention, you will definitely need to make real use of visual content marketing for your content strategy. Animated things like gifs or video go a long way with a younger audience, too, so if you can work it into your visual content, you are on to a winner.

If you have articles that do require text, though, don’t worry. You should still use images to break down the article and offer a more consumable structure that looks less intimidating. It’s just good strategy.


Sometimes, something as simple as an image or two can help to emphasize your point. It can be beneficial for you to provide written content as well as information in video form, as it will give your audience a choice of how to get the material they need. Plus, a fun or insightful image can add that emphasis to your content strategy and your initial point. Back yourself up with evidence that’s simple and visual.



Sometimes, writing an article may not be enough to deliver a message in your content marketing. Infographics are an excellent way to aid understanding in a simpler, visual way. It encompasses facts, figures and images to demonstrate how something works. They’re colourful, focused and you should use the perfect font to correctly convey the message in a fun but educational way. Some people are simply visual learners, and so they will need this kind of visual content in order to understand and engage with your content.




People are bored easily. Consistently consuming the same long, text-based content from you will soon become a bit dry. Good visual content marketing can really boost interest by offering that variety within your posts or your site as a whole. The use of visual content will show you are human and not just a business-focused robot who is trying to sell, sell, sell all the time.

You can add variety your content strategy by using any of the following:

  • Infographics
  • Gifs
  • Memes
  • Illustrations
  • Presentations
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Screenshots


Now do you see how using something as simple and fun as visual content marketing can really change your user engagement? Your business will see the difference when people are coming to you time and time again for good, inviting content. For more on good content and how we can help, click here.