Link Building is a key component of any victorious SEO campaign and we put the time and effort in to the task that it deserves. First, let’s look at what link building really is and why it’s so important…

In order for any kind of search engine to crawl the internet, links are necessary. This is because they create the ‘bridges’ between pages. By analysing links, search engines like Google determine how important your page is in relation to other pages. But having lots and lots of links to your website isn’t the easy answer to getting a high Google ranking – it’s a little more complicated than that. Search engines have created and refined many complex algorithms to evaluate things such as the trustworthiness and relevancy of links to and from a site.

This means that when link building for SEO purposes, a whole lot of time and consideration has to be put into researching which links will be most effective for your site, and where they would be best implemented. Fortunately, that’s where we come in!

After a lot of research specific to your industry, your business, and your audience’s search habits, we manually create trustworthy and powerful links that have a positive impact on how your website ranks and how trusted your site becomes by Google and other major search engines. As we’ve explained, quality over quantity is always the rule with link building, so we never waste your time with spam links of little relevance.

At our local Birmingham SEO agency, we have a friendly team of SEO experts dedicated to these high-quality methods of link research and link building. By implementing their knowledge, your website can go from strength to strength, building up trust and relevancy online which will ultimately allow it to move up in position when it comes to search engine rankings.