Link Building is a key component of any victorious SEO campaign and we put the time and effort into the task that it deserves. First, let’s look at what link building really is and why it’s so important.

SEO link building is a fundamental part of any successful SEO strategy. SEO linking improves the SEO performance of your website with backlinks (the incoming links from one web page to another website).
In order for any kind of search engine to crawl the internet, links are necessary. This is because they create the ‘bridges’ between pages and these bridges form a link profile. By analysing your website’s link profile, search engines like Google can determine how important your page is in relation to other pages. But having lots and lots of links to your website isn’t the easy answer to getting a high Google ranking – it’s a little more complicated than that. Search engines have created and refined many complex algorithms to evaluate things such as the trustworthiness and relevancy of links to and from a site.

This means that when link building for SEO purposes, a whole lot of time and consideration has to be put into researching which links will be most effective for your site, and where they would be best implemented. Fortunately, that’s where we come in!

What is a Link Building Service?

Our link-building service connects you with a steady and dependable source of high-quality backlinks to help improve the SEO performance of your website. We create a reliable backlink strategy aimed at enhancing your search engine rankings. We provide a range of SEO link-building services like website link building, fixing bad backlink profiles, broken link building and off-page SEO services. Our link-building strategies form a part of a complete SEO strategy that will increase your domain authority and improve your online presence.


The Off-Page SEO Process

Off-page SEO is the term we use for all of the things we do behind the scenes that are “off” or away from your website. Creating backlinks is a part of our off-page SEO process. At SEM Consultants we apply off-page SEO techniques that make your site more trustworthy and help search engines know how authoritative your website is. Backlinks are important but off-page SEO is more than backlink building. Branded search optimization, monitoring product or service reviews and social media marketing are some of the other off-page SEO strategies we use to get more attention for your website.

How Does Backlinking Help?

Backlinks in SEO are an important way for your website to demonstrate its authority to search engines like Google. Think of a quality backlink as a “thumbs up” from one site to another. As a part of an SEO strategy, successful backlinking creates a backlink profile that can improve your expertise,
authoritativeness and trustworthiness, otherwise known as your E.A.T status.

As helpful as backlinking is, poor backlinking is incredibly harmful to your website. Automated backlinking techniques fall under the category of “black hat SEO” and will only generate a poor-quality backlink profile. Performing black hat SEO can lead to a Google penalty which will harm your website’s ranking efforts. To rectify the effects of black hat techniques on your domain, you must make an effort to remove poorly created backlinks by submitting a disavow file (you can read more about disavow files here.)

Fixing the problems caused by black hat SEO can be time-consuming so thankfully you can leave this to the experts. At SEM Consultants, the link-building specialists never use any form of automation or software to fix poor backlink profiles. The human touch is what makes the service we provide superior. With our link-building packages, our SEO specialists will fix bad backlink profiles manually to avoid problems in the future. The team also offer a Google Penalty Removal service so if you’ve been penalised for bad backlinking, we’ll help you to recover.

At SEM Consultants, the link-building experts only ever use white hat link-building techniques to create a healthy backlink profile that only links out to high-quality, relevant blogs. The dedicated SEO team only use manual backlinking techniques and never automated processes, so you’re guaranteed a premium backlink service. After a lot of research specific to your industry, your business, and your audience’s search habits, we manually create trustworthy and powerful links that have a positive impact on how your website ranks and how trusted your site becomes by Google and other major search engines. As we’ve explained, quality over quantity is always the rule with link building, so we never waste your time with spam links of little relevance.

At our local Birmingham SEO agency, we have a friendly team of SEO experts dedicated to these high-quality methods of link research and link building. Whether you’re a marketing agency looking to outsource or a small business owner, the SEO team can support your link-building efforts. By implementing the team’s knowledge, your website can go from strength to strength, building up trust and relevancy online which will ultimately allow it to move up in position when it comes to search engine rankings.

Link Building FAQs
  • How Much Should I Pay for Link-Building?

    When it comes to link-building services, essentially, you get what you pay for. At SEM Consultants, our link-building packages start at £500. An effective link-building campaign focuses on manually creating good-quality links that are relevant to your niche. Cheap link-building services from unreliable SEO agencies often only lead to creating bad linking profiles which can harm your website and cost you time, money and business. Our high-quality link-building packages include all aspects of a well-rounded link-building campaign so you can be confident that you will see positive results over time.

  • Does Link-Building Still Work?

    Absolutely! When done correctly, link building makes an important part of your SEO strategy. It is a way to build brand awareness and increase your website’s ranking in search engine results pages. Creating backlinks is most successful when done manually and preferably by experts who will only use white-hat link-building techniques.

  • How Long Does it Take for Link-Building to Work?

    Link building is a slow process that requires a consistent amount of work before you start to see results. Typically, it can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to see the results of your link-building efforts but the actual length of time it takes will depend on a few factors. Websites that have low authority and a bad backlink profile will take longer to see positive results. Your link-building budget will also affect how quickly results occur as well as how competitive your niche is. When we create your link-building campaign, we will outline all of the link-building strategies to be implemented so you can have an idea of how long the process will take.

  • What are Link-Building Mistakes?

    Mistakes in link-building can lead to a poor backlink profile and even Google penalties. Some bad link-building practices include:

    • Buying or selling links
    • Link Spamming
    • Linking to irrelevant websites or sites with low domain authority 
    • Creating low-quality content that isn’t worth linking to 
    • Having only one link-building tactic in your SEO strategy
    • Ignoring broken links
    • Having a poor internal linking structure

    At SEM Consultants, our professional link-building experts don’t cut corners and only employ white-hat SEO techniques.