Microsoft Advertising Issues Policy Updates

In its ongoing commitment to transparency and user satisfaction, Microsoft Advertising is rolling out a series of updates and policies designed to align with regulatory changes and enhance visibility. These changes to the Microsoft Ads policy aim to provide advertisers and users with a clearer understanding of the platform’s guidelines and enable them to reach larger audiences for various products and services. To make this update easier to understand, we’ve highlighted the key points of these updates.


Microsoft Ads Policy Transparency Updates

The upcoming policy updates could bring significant changes to how businesses use their Microsoft Ads account. Effective from the 1st of July a new policy will be implemented, outlining potential impacts on advertising accounts. This policy will provide context on various factors that can affect ads or accounts, including disapprovals of ad components, such as keywords, ad copy, or landing pages. It will also cover store or product disapprovals.


Although a three-strikes policy for repeated policy violations already exists, this update will provide users with more details for greater clarity.

Users will also have a better understanding of serious violations that warrant immediate suspension of services. The policy will specify these violations which will give users additional insight about what fits into this category.


Updates to the Advertising Identification Verification (AIV) Program Expansion


Microsoft is expanding its Advertising Identification Verification (AIV) program to all supported advertising markets. Advertisers will need to complete the verification process by the 1st of August. An email notification will be sent to inform advertisers about the verification requirement, and the status will be updated automatically.

A new Ad Library will be launched in July, enabling users to view Bing Ads displayed within the European Union. Users can search for ads using advertiser names or keywords. Based on the information provided through the AIV process, the library will display the advertiser’s name and the individual who paid for the ad.


Additional Microsoft Ads Updates

Microsoft Advertising has made additional policy updates that will mainly affect the health and gambling sectors. Here is a summary of the key highlights. 


  • With some restrictions, Microsoft now allows advertising for vitamins and supplements on the Microsoft Audience Network. Ads must be clear and honest and cannot make claims like “this product cleanses the liver” for example. All related landing pages must be dedicated product pages rather than videos or editorial-style ads known as “advertorials”. 
  • Gambling advertising is now permitted on the Microsoft Audience Network, subject to licensing requirements and compliance with the gambling enablement process.
  • Starting from the 1st of July, you’ll need to cease targeting Belgium in gambling advertising, if applicable, since gambling ads will no longer be allowed in that country. System enforcement will be implemented accordingly around that time.
  • Ireland will soon be introducing a watershed period as a part of their restriction on gambling advertising. Although the exact date hasn’t been set, Microsoft recommends advertisers targeting Ireland should update their campaign settings to ensure their ads are not displayed between 5:30 am and 9:00 pm.
  •  Across all ad types globally, advertising for clinical trials or experimental treatments will no longer be allowed, effective from the 1st of August.


You can delve deeper into Microsoft Advertising Policies here.


If any of these Microsoft Ads updates affect your advertising account(s) or campaigns, it is essential to make the necessary adjustments ahead of the policy change on the 1st of July to ensure compliance with the updated guidelines.


SEM Consultants have a team of dedicated PPC specialists who can guide you through any policy changes that may affect your account. If you’d like support with your Microsoft Ads account or you’d like more information about our PPC management service, contact our help team today.