What You Need to Know About Google Penalty Removal


Some website owners are hit with Google Penalties without even knowing it. Others know that it has happened, but feel powerless against it. Well, we’re here to say that you are not powerless. With help from SEM Consultants, you can remove the Google Penalty and get on with making money and reeling in website traffic. But what is a Google Penalty anyway? What does it mean for you? Why have you got one? And what can be done to remove a Google Penalty? Here’s your answers…


What is a Google Penalty?

Put simply, a Google Penalty is a very bad slap on the wrist from Google, because your site is riddled with things outside of Google’s guidelines and what’s considered “user-friendly” content. Most people these days make use of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to increase organic search results, but “Black Hat SEO” is when these have been overused.

The Google Penalty will cause traffic to your site to decrease and it will drastically affect your Google rankings. This is where the Google recovery stage comes in, because without it, your site will continue to suffer – as it is seen as poor in Google’s eyes.


Why was your site hit with a penalty?

There could be a few reasons why your site was targeted. It would either be from a Manual Review or changes to Google’s Algorithm. You will need to understand the difference between these before moving forwards.

Manual Reviews:

  • When a human reviewer finds something distasteful about your site
  • It will appear on Google Webmaster Tools
  • Your site doesn’t follow Google’s Guidelines
  • Could be down to: Hacked Site; Spam: Redirects: Keyword Overuse; Hidden Text; Poor Content; Unnatural Links; Freehosts
  • Mainly due to content or link issues
  • Link-based issues: sites have too many links to yours; links from bad sites; links that are irrelevant; links added right before the Google algorithm update
  • Content-based issues: poor content; slow website; lack of mobile optimisation; duplicated content

Google’s Algorithm Changes:

  • This is when Google has an update to its algorithm that your site no longer suits
  • Characterised by a drop in Google rankings
  • Check when the update was done and when your site’s traffic dropped to determine which update affected you
  • Google Panda and Google Penguin updates are usually the culprits
  • Google Panda Updates would mean content, ads or the layout are at fault
  • Google Penguin Updates would mean overuse or poor links


How can we remove a google penalty?

Luckily for you, we at SEM Consultants have expert knowledge in Google Recovery. We can survey your site, find the problem using Google’s tools, and make the necessary amendments. We keep up to date on the Google algorithms and their changes. We have content writers and link building experts who know how to properly use SEO and recognise when it’s an issue. We use Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Algorithm Change History, Majestic, and Google’s Disavow Tool to complete the penalty removal process.

It is in your best interest to sort out a Google Penalty as soon as it hits. You’re only going to lose money when Google isn’t on your side. With our help, however, we can save you time and money by sorting the issue out for you. We will remove the penalty and get you going again in no time. When you know how, like we do, it’s a piece of cake – so leave it to us. Visit our Google Penalty Removal page for more information on how we can sort it out.