Google is consistently looking for ways to make the Google Ads experience more informative and functional for its users, and with that, algorithm updates or the introduction of new and improved features are rolled out throughout the year.

The two latest refined and enhanced Google AdWords tools are the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool!

The Google Ad Preview and Diagnostic tool is pivotal for the regulation and management of a fruitful AdWords campaign. Ad preview allows you to readily see which ads and extensions are appearing for your keywords and the Google tool will also give you a preview of the Google search results page will look to users for specific search terms.

The handiest feature of AdWords preview and diagnostic tool is its ability to highlight and diagnose the reason why your ads aren’t showing, should that be the issue.

Google’s latest alterations have been implemented to enhance your pay per click advertising and take your ad management to the next level. Both AdWords managers and novice users will have greater insight into who is seeing their PPC ads and be able to take instant action to get your ads to appear.

Filter Ads by Audience

In the past when using the Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool on Google Ads, you had the ability to preview an ad or extension based on various search queries, as well as filter by location, language and device.

The recent overhaul of the Ad Preview Tool allows you to now filter your ads by the audience, providing a far more precise insight into who is actually seeing your ads.

Sub-categories on the ‘Audience’ widget allow you to explore niche audiences from your Customer Match, Remarketing List, YouTube Users, Customer List, Similar Audiences and Custom Combination.

AdWords managers and users with the ‘Targeting’ setting in their pay per click campaigns – formerly known as ‘Target and Bid’ – will be able to see which of their ads are showing for their specified audience.

Whereas those using the ‘Observation’ setting – previously known as ‘Bid Only’ – also have the capacity to see the position of their ads in a Google search result, based on a specified audience. For example, do they appear higher or lower on the page for set bids for a specific audience?

Take Immediate Action to Fix Google Ads Issues

One of the most beneficial Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool attributes for smooth PPC management is the ability to see why an ad isn’t appearing.

In the previous version of Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool, users would have to navigate through various sections of their AdWords PPC account in order to make the necessary changes for the highlighted problem.

Since the fresh update of the Google advertising function, it is much easier to fix any difficulties related to the display of your ads. As well as indicating the suspected reasons for any issues with your PPC ads, the revised Ad Preview & Diagnostic Tool will allow you to fix any problems immediately, without the need to steer your way through Google AdWords.

An example being, if your PPC ads aren’t showing due to an issue with budgets, the AdWords tool will now display an ‘Edit Budget’ widget, allowing you to make any necessary alterations to your ad budgets without needing to exit the overall Ad Preview & Diagnostic Tool.

To some, the newest changes to the tool might seem fairly small and insignificant. However, for frequent and professional users of Google AdWords, an account manager at a PPC agency, for example, such alterations will be a great time-saver whilst providing users with greater and more accurate insight to who is seeing their ads.

The productivity and workflow of PPC management will be more seamless, organised and overall Google advertising will be that little bit easier.

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