New Instagram Feature: How to use IGTV for Business

As we know, with each and every Instagram update comes a brand new social media feature for us to get excited about. And the latest is a big one! Introducing IGTV, or Instagram TV: a service, available either through the IGTV app or Instagram itself, that allows you to upload and view videos in vertical mode.

This is great news for many people as it combines a couple of things that we all love: watching videos and content that’s optimised for our smartphones (which most of us are addicted to anyway). But what does IGTV mean for business owners? Here, we give you a first look as some potential ways in which this new Instagram TV feature be utilised alongside your current Instagram for Business strategy…

Think of your IGTV Channel as a ‘premium’ version of Instagram Story Highlights: A chance to make a great first impression!

In our guide to Instagram Story Highlights for Business, we discussed the importance of using your Insta story highlights to primarily keep viewers up to date, but also to tell a story about your company or brand – your highlights should give your followers an ‘exclusive’ insight into the true ‘authenticity’ or ‘behind the scenes’ of your business. And your strategy for using Instagram TV for business should be very similar – after all, your IGTV channel will be one of the first things visitors to your profile can see. You can use IGTV to shape the first impression that your business makes on people – so it’s a very powerful tool! Try uploading a kind of introduction/trailer for your business as your first IGTV video.

Create a call to action by using links from your IGTV videos

Another great thing about IGTV is that you can add multiple links in the video description, which means you can use it as another way to drive traffic to your business website! This is huge of course, especially if you can create some great content that promotes a certain call to action – users can follow the link from your Instagram TV video straight to wherever you’d like them to go – hello conversions!

Always make sure your IGTV business videos are of value to your customers

Whether it’s interesting news updates from within the industry, tips or step-by-step tutorials on how to use your products, or just some helpful advice or insights, you should always aim to create IGTV content that’s genuinely interesting and valuable for your customers. Though it’s great to incorporate a call to action into your videos, remember that it can be alienating to always take, take, take. Make sure you also prioritise giving. Giving useful content to your customers will make your brand sentiment a positive one, and it will keep viewers coming back to see what’s new!

If you’re looking for further advice on using IGTV, any other Instagram feature, or even any other kind of social media channel for your business – just get in touch with us at SEM Consultants Ltd! We are a local SEO agency in Birmingham with dedicated Social Media Managers that are ready to help you.