Online Marketing in a Post COVID-19 World

Few world events have had such an effect on the way businesses and society is run as the recent pandemic. Whilst families have stayed home to stay safe, businesses have pulled back their offline marketing efforts and many have reduced the amount of in-person services available to protect their customers and staff. 

Whilst in-person sales have taken a hit, online marketing and digital sales have skyrocketed with a passive audience at home ready and waiting to take advantage of the online world on offer from companies such as Amazon and Asos who have seen massive spikes in their online sales. 

Aside from the multi-national companies, smaller, local businesses have made changes to adapt to the new environment, harnessing online marketing and e-commerce platforms to keep in touch with their existing customer base and find new customers. Moving online has seen the difference between flying and falling for some businesses who have turned to platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads to promote their services.


A Whole New Online World

At the peak of the pandemic, online sales grew by nearly 50% with customers turning to the internet for everything from clothes and groceries to DIY tools and safety equipment. Many businesses feeling the pressures of being unable to offer a physical shop floor for their customers turned to online marketing and sales for the first time, diving into the world of internet marketing to get the word out about their products to find the newly-captive audiences of those working from home or remaining at home during furlough or isolation. Online marketing has never been so important with techniques such as SEO online marketing and Google digital marketing tools helping to match would-be consumers with the services and goods they are searching for.


Harnessing Digital Tools During COVID-19

We’re sure you’ve all at least heard of Joe Wick’s live exercise classes but this is just one example of how businesses or brands have adapted to the changing challenges of the pandemic. Many businesses have turned to the world of social media to create online content that engages and attracts new consumers. From sports brands streaming live yoga classes on Instagram to Gordon Ramsey’s 10-minute cooking challenges at home and closed theatres streaming their shows online, businesses and brands, whether personal or professional have changed the way they interact with their audiences to suit the new needs of the COVID-19 world. Tools such as social media platforms, blogs, videos and Google’s ad platform can all help access a new type of audience online as well as adding real benefit to your existing customers by giving them a new way to interact with and learn about your business.


The Need for Local Online Marketing

With online marketing on the rise and the reduction of footfall on our high streets, the chances of a local independent business gaining visibility from passing trade in the street have reduced. Customers are increasingly researching their products to ensure they can get what they need from their trips out. Local online marketing can help spread the word for your small business and target local customers looking for a specific product or service in their area. Online marketing tools such as Google display ads targeted at specific areas can help your local business get found online whilst optimising your website content for local SEO can help draw in people searching for services and goods in your area when they head online.


The Importance of the Online Marketing Agency

In the world of online marketing, the globe may be in competition, but there are a few key tools to help you stand out from the crowd and make the most of the new online boom post-coronavirus. The key to harnessing these tools to the best of their abilities? Tactical practice and knowing the best ways to use these remarkable tools to produce the greatest return without overspending needlessly on input. If you are taking your first steps into online marketing, or looking to invest in upgrading your online digital marketing, an online marketing agency could be the tool you need to make your digital mark and gain exposure to countless new customers online. If you are looking for ways to make the most of your online marketing budget then an online marketing agency could be the best way to capitalise in the new surge of online marketing and sales.


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