How to Optimise Product Pages for SEO

If you run an online e-commerce business and are looking for ways to optimise product pages, SEO could help boost traffic and conversions for your site. Search engine optimisation harnesses an audience of people searching for your products in Google, directing them to your website organically. By combining the power of paid advertising such as Google Ads with free promotion from SEO, your product pages will be destined for success. Read on to find out more.

product page optimisation example

What is an Optimised Product Page?

An optimized product page is a page on your website that is created to be attractive to both search engines and customers. It is optimised for SEO best practices with an aim to convert browsers into buyers. Your product page should be designed to showcase your product’s features and attract buyers. Whilst the aim of some pages on your website may be simply to inform visitors about the ‘who’ behind your business, product pages are designed around a purchase.


Why is Product Page Optimisation Important?

In order to create an optimised website that performs both in terms of organic reach and conversions, optimising your product pages is key. Creating optimised product descriptions can help attract new visitors to your website time and again and help your business appear at the top of search engine results pages.


How to Optimise a Product Page

Creating an optimised product page to turbo-charge your website’s e-commerce efforts starts with a few key points. Any successful website product page should include a clear title, clear images, optimised product descriptions and clear price points.


Optimise Your Product Descriptions

Product description SEO is an integral part of optimising your product pages. However, one of the most important things to remember is to not over-optimise your product descriptions at the expense of accessibility and usefulness. Some of the top SEO product description examples work because they provide value to the consumer. This includes elements such as the size and shape of products if applicable, how they can be used, what products might also be needed to use with the product and any other useful information that might help the customer make an informed decision.


SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

Once you have established value in your product description, it’s time to look at keywords. Do some keyword research into the ways people might be searching for your product. It’s a good idea to include a mix of broad keywords such as ‘high-top trainer’, for example, and keywords that are more specific to your product such as the name of the exact trainer make and model. It’s also important to consider search intent when looking for keywords to add to your product description. As this is an optimised product page, your keywords will likely be transactional in intent compared to a blog about the top types of ‘x’, for example. In order to provide value to the customer, boosting conversions and visitors, you’ll also want to include any information such as materials in a clear, easily digestible format.


Optimizing Product Pages With Images

When you are trying to persuade visitors to buy your product, both on the Google search results page and once they have clicked through to your website, you’ll want to show customers exactly what they will be buying. Follow product page SEO best practices by adding a selection of high-quality images to your optimised product page. These should be optimised for fast page speeds, so not be too large in file size and have relevant alt-text to tell Google what your image shows.


General Product Page Optimisation for SEO

So, you’ve optimised your product description and images for SEO, what else is there? Now that you’ve got your keyword target for the page, ensure this features in your headings, alt-text and page body. You’ll also want to review your page to ensure the process for conversions or purchases is clear.

Can the customer easily access the page, find out what they need to know and complete the purchasing process without hindrance? Look at your page from the mindset of someone who has never visited your site before, whilst you may know your way around, is it obvious to someone who doesn’t? Is your page clearly linked to and from in a way that makes sense? Is there a clear call to action or ‘what next’ for visitors?


Looking for Product Page Optimisation Guidance?

We’re experts at all things optimisation and can help you create optimised product pages that convert visitors into customers. To find out more about our SEO services for E-commerce, take a look at our SEO service page or contact our team.