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A totally transparent approach to pay
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SEM Consultants is a leading PPC agency in Birmingham with connections across the world. Our PPC management services harness up-to-the-minute ads management techniques to ensure your PPC campaigns are a success. From our billing to our management, transparency is in our genes. As part of our PPC management, we’ll agree a set monthly PPC fee to fit your business goals and expertly manage your budget to get you as much business as possible within it. This way, you’ll know exactly where your money has gone at the end of the month, we have our set fee and you know exactly how much budget you have allocated to click spend. Our Birmingham PPC specialists create easily digestible reports free from over-complicated information with jargon-free conversations that are just the tonic for you, our valued clients.

The PPC expert agency working on your paid search campaigns

As a specialist PPC agency in Birmingham, our team of fully qualified and enthusiastic Google & Microsoft Ads experts are ready to start work on your pay per click campaigns. Our PPC team is motivated by achieving big wins for you and relishes the opportunity to grow and nurture Microsoft and Google ads accounts over a sustained period of time.

Bhupinder Bhogal
Bhupinder Bhogal
Technical Manager
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis
Senior Pay Per Click Account Manager
Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett
Pay Per Click Account Manager
Jordan Bateman
Jordan Bateman
Link Building & Social Media Specialist
Mark Hickman
Mark Hickman
Managing Director
keyword research
The key to success is only targeting the most relevant searches in the right match types. Many businesses run PPC advertising campaigns with the wrong choice of keyword and match types. This results in wasted Google paid search budgets. At our agency, Google certified PPC account managers analyse your website, your marketplace and advertising goals to ensure that the appropriate Google PPC keywords are utilised in our paid search services. We'll also conduct detailed competitor analysis to identify any potential keyword gaps in your industry.
campaign setup
Our Google Ads agency creates killer pay per click advertising campaigns that deliver on three main areas of quality score – Ad Relevance, Expected Click Through Rate & Landing Page Relevance. The aim is always to have a much more superior click through rate than Google recommends.
multilingual search advertising
Do you have an international business or are you selling into other countries? Our multi-lingual team are well versed in Spanish, German, Dutch, French & Polish. Multilingual PPC campaigns can generate sales at much cheaper costs than their English counterparts (provided you know the audience), all as part of our Google Ads management services.
strategic bid management
In the dawn of automation, as a seasoned PPC agency, we are still dedicated to launching paid search campaigns with a human bidding on your keywords. Over time we transition these campaigns to automated bid strategies, keeping a close eye on performance. This ensures that your keywords are initially manually reviewed by human beings who can spot wasted spend better than any algorithm.
text ad copywriting
Ad copy that resonates with your audience and results in cheaper click prices is the ultimate goal for any PPC marketer. Our clever ad copy technique ensures maximum PPC campaign impact. Our paid search experts craft highly-relevant ads in line with the keywords in your PPC ad campaign. We combine the copy with powerful CTA’s and targeted ad extensions to make your business "pop" from the search listings, which maximises the chances of achieving a lower cost per conversion on AdWords.
campaign testing
Testing new ads, keywords and targeting options for your audience is where all the optimisation takes place. With the use of draft campaigns & split tests with Google Optimise, our PPC specialists will show how PPC performance can improve with even minor changes. Our optimisations never stop at the click which is why we always list recommendations for your landing pages and conversion funnel. By continuously testing and improving PPC campaigns, your business will be well on its way to reaching the pinnacle of Google Ads success.
traffic analysis
One of our mantras is; “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. We believe in the power of traffic and data analysis. Therefore, we utilise Google Analytics when managing any AdWords campaigns. This helps us gain valuable insights into how website visitors use your site and identify potential pitfalls in their customer journey. Arrange a one-to-one consultation with our Midlands-based Google Analytics conversion experts to discover how your website can be improved based on your current web traffic behaviour.
As honest providers of PPC services via Google & Microsoft, we adhere to third-party guidelines set out by the major search engines. Receive a simplified monthly report on the pay per click activities of your campaigns and obtain meaningful insights into the key paid metrics that matter to you, be it revenue, PPC keyword cost, conversions, clicks or new users. Talk to our specialist PPC reporting team to find out what information they can provide you with on a month-by-month basis that helps you to make management decisions.

Your Questions Answered


How Much Does Your Agency Charge for PPC Marketing?

We charge a flat monthly fee for our PPC management services, which is based on the number of hours that a Google Ads or Microsoft Ads expert will spend on your campaigns.

How Quickly Can I Start Showing on Google?

In a literal sense, it takes around fifteen to twenty minutes for your PPC ads to start serving impressions once they have been posted (provided you aren’t in a restricted niche). Realistically, we need to spend some time putting your keywords, Google campaigns, and ads together. On average an account build will take a week. Once live, we would recommend that you run for at least three months to see the effect of account optimisations. You would, of course, wait three months on a flighted campaign!

What Are the Next Steps?

We really want your business’ PPC Google advertising campaign to get off to a flying start. Therefore, we highly recommend that with our help you:

  • Identify clear aims & objectives that you want to achieve within the first 3 months of your PPC campaign.
  • Provide our paid search specialists with as much information about your business, product or service as possible.
  • Set a realistic budget for the first 3 months of your AdWords PPC campaign. Our Google AdWords campaign managers can help you ascertain the best starting amount.
  • Be prepared to react to a surge of sales or enquiries, and ensure your business is able to fulfil all of these new orders or queries.
  • You or one of your representatives should also be willing to take an active role in your PPC marketing campaigns. Without your help, we can’t help you. Together, we’ve got this!

Benefits of using a PPC agency in 90 Seconds…

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information? Watch our video to get a better understanding of what we can do for you.

Why your company needs PPC advertising

PPC is one of the most powerful methods of advertising today. No other medium has such an engaged audience in the buying phase of a purchase cycle.

  • Get in front of people who are actively searching for the products & services that you offer.
  • Get fast results from your campaigns. It takes a very short amount of time to determine how well or poorly your audience is reacting to your product or service offering, giving you actionable insights within hours.
  • The best return on your ad spend, period. No other marketing medium is going to get you a higher ROI on new user ad spend. Not Facebook, Native or any other. Search will always be the king here.
  • Spend as much or as little as your business will allow. Google Ads allow you to control your budget so you are always in control.
  • What is PPC?

    Whilst you may know that you need to advertise on Google Ads to get your business seen online, you may be wondering, ‘what is pay per click advertising and what is PPC’. PPC or pay-per-click is a mode of digital marketing where the business or ads agency acting on their behalf pays a fee each time one of their ads in clicked. What PPC is in digital marketing is essentially a way of paying for targeting visits to your website as part of your digital marketing strategy. PPC ads can appear in all sorts of shapes and sizes with text and images used and can appear across the web such as on search engine results pages or websites.

  • Where Can I Advertise With PPC Ads?

    The most common form of PPC marketing is through search engines such as Google through the Google Ads platform with Bing and Yahoo also being popular options. Our Google PPC experts will handle your campaigns from account setup to ad creation and campaign management to make your PPC advertising a success. PPC advertising can also be run through social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

  • Do People Really Click on PPC Ads?

    Yes! PPC ads are an extremely successful way of getting visitors to your site and boosting conversions. The convenient position in search results of PPC ads means they appear right before customers who are searching for your product or service making them very clickable and a good way to drive traffic.

  • How Much Does a PPC Campaign Cost?

    The cost of a pay per click campaign all depends on your industry, targets and the number of clicks your ad receives, hence the phrase pay per click or PPC. Your dedicated account manager will help you to establish a PPC budget for your campaign and put spending caps in place to ensure you stay on budget whilst getting the most from your campaign. Additionally, the platform you use such as Microsoft Ads, social media PPC or Google Ads will have its own pricing structure. 

  • What Types of Businesses Can Advertise Using PPC?

    Most businesses will be able to advertise using PPC. If you are providing a financial service or anything that relates to financial advice, you will need to verify your business with Google ads first. Take a look at Google’s business ad restrictions here to see if your industry is included or ask one of our team.

  • How Long Does it Take to See Results from PPC?

    One of our most frequently asked questions is how long does it take for PPC to work. Whilst some other forms of marketing may take some time to see a return, PPC advertising is very quick to show results. Once you’ve created your ads and set the campaign live, your ads will almost instantly appear with searchers able to click through to your landing pages. PPC results such as Google ads results all depend on the level of PPC management or campaign setup and the amount of money you are willing to invest in PPC over time. Whilst PPC ads can benefit your website through increased traffic, ads require consistent use in order to generate a reliable traffic source.

  • What is PPC Management?

    Whether you are looking for e-commerce PPC management or want to drive visitors to your site for information, our PPC management covers every aspect of PPC account setup, ads campaign management and analysis. As a specialist Midlands PPC agency, our PPC management services take care of your PPC ad spend to make sure you remain on-budget, we’ll also monitor industry and ads account changes to identify possible improvements to ensure your ads remain efficient and profitable. Our team will optimise ad placement for higher ROI and keep you updated on how your PPC campaigns are performing.

  • Can You Help Setup My Adwords Account?

    If you’re completely new to advertising using Google Ads, we can help with your AdWords account setup and build AdWords campaigns around your business needs and targets. When we setup your Google Ads account, we’ll work with you to provide any verification needed to get your ads account moving. Our experienced team are here to help with any questions you may have about the PPC account setup process or how PPC works and are always just a phone call away if you need to discuss your Google Ads account setup, campaign management or ads performance.