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SEO content writing is at the heart of every successful digital marketing campaign and at SEM Consultants, we know how to turn words into results-driven, engaging content. Our team of website content writers follow SEO best practices to research, create and post high-quality content that organically appeals to both search engines and human users alike.

Potential customers are using search engines to find products and services every day and a dedicated content creation strategy that targets your brand’s audience is a great way to build brand awareness and authority online. Whether you want landing page creation or specialised article writing, our savvy SEO content writers develops targeted seo friendly content that speaks directly to your audience.

Creating dynamic SEO content that appeals to its users is the most effective use of digital content creation. It can be a struggle for small business owners to play the role of website content writers and run a successful business.

Why not take advantage of our SEO copywriting services? We create captivating, entertaining and informative website content that targets your audience while using your brand’s unique voice. See what SEM Consultants can do for your small business today.

How Does SEO Writing Improve Your Website?

Outdated SEO practices are damaging to your website and brand and search engines are too sophisticated to be “fooled” with tactics like keyword stuffing. These days, purposeful SEO writing that solves problems, answers questions and is relevant to your target audience is how small businesses improve rankings in search engine results. Our specialised SEO content writers optimise your website content in the following ways:

  • We write SEO content with real users in mind as well as search engines. We focus on searcher intent means our written content answers the questions and solves the problems of targeted users.
  • We perform in-depth keyword research and use targeted keywords that are placed logically throughout the content we create. We optimise meta descriptions, H1 and H2 headings and other relevant areas of written content.
  • We consider the user experience (UX)  throughout and ensure the website performs flawlessly. Any issues are reported and rectified immediately to maintain premium UX.
    We build useful and relevant links within your content that enhance the domain authority and improve the brand’s reputation.

Your Bespoke SEO Content Strategy

Today’s search engines demand more than just cleverly placed keywords. Modern SEO content must serve searcher intent before it can rank highly on search engines like Google. We will work with you to create an SEO content strategy that combines the best elements of seo based content writing to suit your business and brand. As well as SEO blog writing, our content writing services also include :

Ghostwriting Services

Do you have a vision for your web content but just can’t find the right words? Our clever ghostwriters can create bespoke content that speaks to your target audience in your authentic voice. Our content writers apply search engine optimization techniques to ensure your written content ranks on SERPs while maintaining the tone and persona of your brand.

Landing Page Creation

Do you need service pages or product pages created for your website? Our approach to landing page creation focuses on getting the attention of potential customers and turning them into loyal customers who trust your brand. Using SEO writing and captivating images we can create additional web content that fits your business brand and your existing content.

SEO Product Descriptions

We use SEO copywriting to create enticing product descriptions that make your products stand out on search engines and amongst the competition. Using your brand's unique tone our SEO copywriting services help to maintain brand consistency across your website.

Website Content Writing

Our expert content writers create seo optimised content that not only engages and informs your target audience but is also rich in meta information that enhances the authority and authenticity of your website in the eyes of search engines like Google.

Ongoing SEO Content Management

The dedicated SEO content writing services we provide at SEM Consultants ensure your content aligns with your business goals, outshines the competition and remains relevant to your brand. We combine on-page SEO techniques with off-page SEO practices that holistically make up a crucial part of your entire digital marketing strategy

SEO-friendly content needs to be maintained continuously to stay relevant. A constantly evolving algorithm can render content useless if it is not updated to meet Google’s and Bing’s requirements. We keep up with latest algorithmic advances and updates and create detailed analyses of any changes and recommendations. Regular updates and reviews ensure your content continues to overshadow the competition and lead in search engine results. Every month we provide detailed analytics reporting and jargon-free breakdowns to give you a full understanding of how well your SEO-based written content is doing online.

Experienced SEO content experts

We’re a team of enthusiastic SEO content consultants in Birmingham. Our SEO content specialists are Google Certified & experienced in the specifics of professional SEO content services to optimise your organic search campaigns.

Natalie Brooks
Natalie Brooks
SEO Manager
Laura Sargeant
Laura Sargeant
Senior SEO Content Writer
Miranda Griffith
Miranda Griffith
Trainee SEO Content Writer
SEO Content Writing FAQs
  • Why do I need SEO Content Writing For My Website?

    Consider SEO content writing the “gift that keeps on giving”. This type of marketing technique will continue to do its job as long as your website is active. SEO content writing works excellently in combination with paid advertising but is also a successful way to organically rank in search engine results. Engaging written content also improves the click-through rate of your website and keeps the user interested in your website.

  • Do You Offer Images With Your SEO Content?

    Yes, our services for digital content creation include sourcing high-quality, relevant and copyright-free images that compliment your written content. We can either source new images or use the images provided to us by clients for product descriptions, creating new landing pages highlighting new services or for blog content for example. We ensure that all images are appropriately optimized with relevant SEO tags which also improves the accessibility of your website for users who use screen readers to access the content.

  • How Much Do SEO Content Writing Services Cost?

    The cost of SEO content writing services will vary depending on which elements of our service you require. We can tailor a plan to suit your needs, so if you want to optimise the existing content search engines or if you need fresh SEO-based written content, our talented SEO content writers can work with you to fulfil your requests. Our packages are flexible so you can choose which content best fits your business.

  • My Small Business is Technical and Fits Into a Niche Market, Can Your Writers Create Content For the Services I Provide?

    For all of the content we publish, our team of content writers perform thorough research in a specific field, ensuring the content is fact-based and derived from a reliable online authority. Where possible, our content writers will work with you to gain an understanding of the services you provide so that your website is filled with, correct and up-to-date information.

  • I Want The Content to Look and Feel Like my Brand, Can You Write to Suit My Audience?

    Yes, ghostwriting is a part of our SEO content creation services. We have talented writers who study your website and its original content to gain an insight into the tone of your business as well as the persona of your ideal customers. Our SEO content writers then create their SEO-based written content with your ideal end user in mind in a voice that matches the tone of your business. From authoritative and professional to fun and quirky and everything in between, our ghostwriters will create the content you want in the tone you choose. We can even attribute author credentials to your website or business in true ghostwriter style.

  • Can You Write Content for Amazon?

    As part of our Amazon advertising services, we can create successful Amazon product descriptions and premium A+ content for your product listings. We work to best practice guidelines and optimise for keywords to ensure content that builds your organic presence on Amazon and converts visitors into paying customers.

SEM have been looking after our SEO & PPC accounts for a numbers of years now. There professionalism and attention to detail has been second to none throughout and we've noticed our rankings, traffic and conversions have all increased because of the work they've done in the background, the results speak for themselves! We look forward to working with SEM for the foreseeable future.

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