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Social media is HUGE.

With over 1.6 billion Facebook users, 310 million monthly active Twitter users and over 400 million Instagram users each month, can you really afford to have lacklustre social media campaign? …Or no campaign at all in the case of many businesses! 

Whether you are at home or on the move, social media audiences are soaring every day. At SEM Consultants, we are experts in planning social media strategies that propel your campaigns to reach a vast amount of users.

Maximising your audience reach means more visitors to your website, greater conversions, increased revenue and a fresh social media following through intriguing conversations and interactions.

Not only will a strong social media campaign achieve the obvious, other aspects of your greater marketing mix – i.e. Search Engine Optimisation - will also benefit. Search engines such as Google use a notable presence on social media channels as a way to confirm a company’s legitimacy, meaning social media could play a key role in achieving those top keyword rankings.

When executed correctly, social media for business is a powerful marketing force to be reckoned with, so leave it in the hands of the professional social media marketing companies.

SEM Consultants is a foremost social media agency in Birmingham, so see how we can help your business today!


As we all know, social media sites are a fantastic way to enhance your brand, build a loyal following and form a community. SEM Consultants are proud to admit we know the most effective ways to achieve this.

Running a show-stopping campaign can take up a great deal of time, time that is precious when running a company... that is where a social media marketing agency steps in. Our account managers do this every single day, so you can put your faith in us that your social media accounts are in good hands while you take care of business.

We can bring your campaign ideas to fruition and optimise them accordingly to guarantee it is the most technically sound campaign it can be.

If you choose to give us free reign from the outset through to completion, we have creatively minded, Birmingham based, social media moguls who are confident in their conviction and ready and raring to create you the captivating campaign you never knew you needed.

FACT - there are more smartphones on the planet than people, meaning you really CAN be visible on a global level.

Call us today to see how our Birmingham social media account managers can really get your social media accounts off the ground.

What's included in your social media package

Social Media Management and Setup

After you decide SEM Consultants are the social media wizards to handle your campaign, the hard work begins.

We can’t carry out an effective campaign without working with you to plan a robust social media strategy first and foremost. We begin by finding out what you want to achieve from your social media campaign, then we will decide on the greatest techniques and plan a best course of action to help you achieve these results.

You don’t have to lift a finger. We will take the lead from the initial setting up of the accounts, social media management tools and handle every aspect of the social media management from there on in.  Your account manager will continually conjure up innovative and creative ways to keep your campaign fresh, compelling and one step ahead of your competitors.

Content Marketing and Social Media

As the saying goes, ‘Content is King,’ and we don’t disagree. Content marketing is the most direct way to spread your brands message and reach a wider audience, but it also builds a bond with potential customers, which increases your chances of more transactions and conversions. Clever, huh?

Our social media managers write all content in a tone of voice to suit your target audience and that will appeal to new and existing followers or customers.

Having thought-provoking and compelling content is wonderful, but unfortunately it is only half of the battle. Your account manager will only create targeted and fully optimised content to ensure we are consistently working towards gaining first place rankings. Yes, even on social media channels.

Our copywriters have the skills and creativity to curate optimum content for any social media channel, whether that is a tweet, a Facebook post or for your blog.

Paid Social Media Advertising

In a very 21st Century turn of events, internet advertising revenue surpassed newspaper advertising in 2015 and it is expected to outshine TV advertising in 2017, so it is best to get your campaign right the first time around.

Paid social advertising is often overlooked by businesses due to the belief that because it’s social media – it should be free. But with people spending more time on social media than any other place online, we would say it’s pretty important to invest a little money.

We work with you to plan a cost-effective strategy that will suit your brand to a tee. We will have already analysed your data meaning our targeted paid ads will reach the relevant audience at the best time, enhancing your conversion rate and ROI.

Brand Management and Reputation

A business is nothing without a good reputation. We use the power of social media management tools, a variety of social media sits, blogs, cross-promotion and everything in-between to take your reputation beyond average and make it flawless!

Our clients don’t come to us with a bad reputation; it is usually no reputation at all which is just as detrimental. Effective brand management includes tactics such as acknowledging and rectifying negative reviews or complaints rather than shunning then. This can flip a situation 360° and leave the customer happy and satisfied.

Another tactic for a glowing brand reputation is cross-promotion. Your account manager will liaise with you to brainstorm fun competitions to run across your social networks. Giving your audience the chance to win a free product or service shows them that you have the customers at heart. Moreover, competitions are great promotion when ran correctly as your brand could come to the attention of thousands of new potential customers.

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Two Social Media Platforms

Our silver package consists of the management of two social media accounts and the creation of two posts per week for each channel or social network. Social media setup, account management and monthly progress reports are all included.


Three Social Media Platforms

Our gold package is the management of three social media accounts and the creation of three posts per week for all channels or networks. This includes setup, social media account management and monthly progress reports.


Four Social Media Platforms

If you opt for our platinum package, we manage four social media accounts and create four posts per week for each channel or network. Social media setup, account management and monthly progress reports are all included.

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