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With over 2.91 billion Facebook users, 217 million daily active Twitter users and over 1 billion Instagram users, social media advertising is the way forward for many businesses looking to monetize the online world. Not only will an active social media campaign achieve brand awareness and conversions, Social media profiles also have a strong presence on search engine results pages. This means social media could play a key role in achieving those top keyword rankings in the future. At SEM Consultants, we work with you to create a dedicated online presence with content that connects with your consumers and optimised paid social campaigns that maximise awareness and ROI.

SEM Consultants are a leading social media agency in Birmingham, see how we can help your business today!

What Can a Social Media Agency Do for your Business?

With most people using some form of social media these days, you may be wondering what a social media agency can do for your business. Every social media campaign we work on includes expert advice from our social media specialists to ensure your success. We run campaigns across Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn Ads & TikTok Ads to fit your target audience but here are some of the main things social media management can do for your business.


  • Create a social media page for your business on the right platform for you
  • Conduct competitor & industry research to create a winning social media plan
  • Grow your audience
  • Establish your online brand
  • Generate shareable content
  • Increase website traffic
  • Promote website & business content
  • Review social media goals & achievements & outline future goals
  • Help support & improve your website’s SEO
  • Offer blogging & copywriting services for shareable content

Social Media Management & Setup

Part of our dedicated social media marketing services includes the setup and management of your social media profiles. We work closely with you to plan a robust social media strategy that closely aligns with your business goals. Our social media management review starts by finding out what you want to achieve from your social media campaign. We then decide on the techniques and plan the best course of action to help you achieve these results, setting out a social media plan to track your progress. We take the lead from the initial set up of the accounts and social media management tools and handle every aspect of the social media management from there on in. Your social account manager will continually conjure up innovative and creative ways to keep your campaigns fresh, compelling and one step ahead of your competitors.

Multi-Platform Social Media Agency Services

Like you, your customers like to use more than one social media platform and a diverse customer base means different customers may be using different platforms to access your business. Whether you are a B2B company looking to connect with clients on LinkedIn, a B2C business looking to share company news on Facebook or a premier consumer business looking to promote your product on Instagram, we have the expertise to help bring your brand into the social media spotlight. Our social media specialists create targeted content and campaigns across Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to ensure brand awareness and return on investment. Our complete range of multi-platform social media services allow us to design, develop and manage your social media accounts and content in order to maximise your business' growth.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Internet advertising revenue has swept into the limelight in recent years and experienced steady growth ever since. With most people using a smartphone and engaging in some form of social media these days, a captive audience has formed ready to engage with your content and services. Paid social advertising is often overlooked by businesses due to the belief that because it’s social media – it should be free. But with people spending more time on social media than any other place online, we would say it’s pretty important to invest a little money. We work with you to plan a cost-effective strategy that will suit your brand to a tee. We analyse your data and audience to ensure our targeted paid ads reach the relevant audience at the best time, enhancing your conversion rate and ROI and creating successful paid social media campaigns.

Content Marketing & Social Media

As the saying goes, ‘Content is King' and we don’t disagree. Content marketing is the most direct way to spread a brand's message and reach a wider audience. But, it also builds a bond with potential customers, which increases your chances of more transactions and conversions. Clever, huh? Our social media managers create all content in a tone of voice to suit your target audience and that will appeal to new and existing followers or customers. Your account manager will only create targeted and fully optimised content to ensure we are consistently working towards gaining first-place rankings. Yes, even on social media channels. Our copywriters have the skills and creativity to curate optimum content for any social media channel, whether that is a tweet, a Facebook post or for your blog. And because a successful social media strategy and targeted content go hand in hand, you have yourself a winning combination to help improve your website's SEO.

Brand Management & Reputation

In the age of the internet, a business is nothing without a good reputation. We use the power of social media management tools, a variety of social media sites, blogs, cross promotion and everything in-between to take your reputation beyond average and make it flawless! Our clients don’t come to us with a bad reputation; it is usually no reputation at all which is just as detrimental. Effective brand management includes tactics such as acknowledging and rectifying negative reviews or complaints rather than shunning them. This can flip a situation 360° and leave the customer happy and satisfied. Another tactic for a glowing brand reputation is cross-promotion. Your account manager will liaise with you to brainstorm fun competitions to run across your social networks. Giving your audience the chance to win a free product or service shows them that you have the customers at heart. Moreover, competitions are great promotion when ran correctly as your brand could come to the attention of thousands of new potential customers.
Facebook Ads Management
If you are looking for a trusted Facebook ads agency who can take your Facebook advertising to new heights, SEM Consultants is here to help. We can help create, manage and optimise Facebook business accounts and content to share your business with a wider audience and convert visitors to your page into potential customers. Find out more about the area's leading Facebook Ads management agency.

What Do We Post to your Social Media Profile?

When it comes to grabbing your audience’s interest, variety is key. There are countless ways as a leading social media agency we can increase the engagement of your social media audience with posts created to fit your brand. Some examples of the types of posts we run include:


  • Personalised content such as successful projects, before and afters & customer stories
  • Answers to common FAQs
  • Holiday posts such as Christmas & national interest days
  • Trending topics & memes/GIFs – if it suits the audience
  • Company blog posts
  • Shared curated & created infographics
  • Social posts showcasing company culture & events
  • Industry news & pro tips from your industry
  • Contests, questions & polls
  • Re-sharing other people’s content including UGC such as customer posts
  • Videos
  • Reviews
Social Media Agency FAQs
  • Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

    When it comes to the online world, the majority of the adult population now has some form of a social media account with many using social media platforms every day. If you are not targeting your customers through social media advertising, you could be missing out on a huge chunk of your customer base with many potential customers engaging with brands on social media before making a purchase. Paid social media marketing puts your brand right in front of your target audience with dedicated targeting that matches potential customers to what your business provides.

  • What Social Media Platforms do you Work With?

    Our social media specialists work across a range of social media platforms depending on the industry and available platforms of our clients. We currently provide cross-platform social media marketing for the following platforms:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • TikTok
  • How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?

    We work closely with each of the businesses we provide social media management services for to create a budget they are happy with and will work to help their social media presence grow. We work with small businesses and large businesses alike to create a dedicated social media plan that fits their budget and needs. Contact our team to find out more about our pricing options.

  • Can You Source & Create Social Media Content Such as Graphics?

    We create all of our social media posts in-house with graphics created where needed. We also source graphics and content from trusted sources for sharing as well as curating brand blog posts and updates for our social media posts.

  • Can You Help Set Up My Business Page on Facebook & Other Social Media Platforms

    Of course! We’ve worked with a number of small businesses trying social media marketing for the first time and will do thorough competitor and industry research whilst walking you through the steps to setting up your social media business profile. We can help set up your social business page on all of the main social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn. Contact our team now online or by calling 0121 552 6500 to find out more about trying social media marketing for the first time.

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