How Switching AdWords Search Attribution Will Benefit Your AdWords Campaign

Why Switch AdWords Search Attribution?

Most AdWords Campaigns measure by “last-click”, this means they give all the credit for a conversion to the last-clicked ad and the matching keyword. However, this ignores the other clicks that customers may have made along their way. We know that this isn’t the most effective way of measuring your ad clicks. This is why you need to switch your Google AdWords Search Attribution Model.

AdWords Attribution helps to assign an importance to each point within a conversion path. You need to consider the whole funnel to the conversion in order to gain the best understanding. With our help, we can use Google AdWords Attribution for Search to read, understand and allocate meaningful attributions on intricate conversion paths.

When on the path to conversion, a customer may conduct many searches and interact with many ads from the same advertiser. This is where Attribution Models come in – they let you choose how much credit each click will get for your conversions. Attribution models can give you a much better understanding of how your ads perform compared to the normal “last-click” method; it can help you optimize across the user’s conversion path.

Benefits of Attribution Models

(According to Google)

Reach customers sooner in the purchase sequence: gain opportunities to impact customers sooner in their path to the conversion.

Specify to your business: pick a model that works best for your business, what you offer, and how people search for what you offer.

Advance your bids: optimise your bids after gaining a better understanding of how your ads are performing

“79% of consumers use their smartphones to do product research

60% of the ads that consumers identified as being ‘influential in making a purchase’ were viewed on a mobile device

75% of online adults start an activity on one device, but continue or finish it on another”

Some other benefits when you switch your AdWords Attribution Model

  • You can increase your mobile bids because you can now more accurately measure your mobile performance.
  • Some of your non-branded keywords are likely to gain more credit. Alter Max CPC bids, in order to increase those driving the most value.
  • You can use “Smart Bidding” to have Google’s algorithms analyse hundreds of variables and optimally set your bids in every auction. Different bidding strategies need different conversions counts.
  • You can use the “Opportunity” tab to find an AdWords campaign’s recommended budget. If a campaign is limited by the budget, use “Bid Simulator” to lower your bids but get more clicks at the very same cost.
  • Generic keywords gain customers from their very first search and help you to attract new people to your business. AdWords Attribution helps you to see the impression these generic keywords are having on your account.


Attribution Models available:

(Sourced from Google)

 Last click: Gives all credit for the conversion to the last-clicked ad and corresponding keyword.

When using the last click model, you might notice a slight time lag between what’s reported in the “Conversions (current model)” column and the “Conversions” column for recent time periods. This lag eventually corrects itself.

 First click: Gives all credit for the conversion to the first-clicked ad and corresponding keyword.

 Linear: Distributes the credit for the conversion equally across all clicks on the path.

 Time decay: Gives more credit to clicks that happened closer in time to the conversion. Credit is distributed using a 7-day half-life. In other words, a click 8 days before a conversion gets half as much credit as a click 1 day before a conversion.

 Position-based: Gives 40% of credit to both the first- and last-clicked ads and corresponding keyword, with the remaining 20% spread out across the other clicks on the path.

 Data-driven: Distributes credit for the conversion based on past data for this conversion action. (This is only available to accounts with enough data.)

We know that PPC campaigns and AdWords attributions can sound complicated, that’s where a professional PPC Ad Manager comes in. At SEM Consultants, we have expert, dedicated PPC managers who will be able to implement the changes to your AdWords campaign in no time, and continue to strategize and alter as needed along the way. Contact us to speak with one of our helpful team, who are ready to help and can ensure you get the best out of your AdWords campaigns with these excellent Attribution Models.