Top SEO Tips to Get SEO Ready for Black Friday 2022

The biggest sale event of the season is fast approaching and whilst you may have already decided on your offers and marketing activity, have you made sure your website is SEO-ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Don’t lose your leads by avoiding SEO optimisation and follow our top tips for SEO this festive season.

Black Friday Sales

Why Get SEO Ready for Black Friday 2022?

Whilst SEO is important year-round, it is even more important during sale season when every visitor to your website counts. You may have the best Black Friday offer ever but if nobody sees it, or if your site under-performs once customers get to it, you could end up losing out on some valuable sales. Paid marketing is a fantastic tool to push visitors to your website but if you can appear organically, you’ll also be able to harness an additional group of customers who are actively searching for your product or service, all for free.


How Can I Optimise my Black Friday Campaigns for SEO?

When it comes to getting your business SEO-ready for Black Friday 2022, there are some key areas you can focus on. One of these is through creating dedicated landing pages for your sale offers that are optimised for SEO. From this page, you can link to any relevant products or service pages with optimised product images and SEO-optimised product descriptions that wow.

Don’t forget to optimise your product pages for SEO too. Take a look at your product descriptions, are they clear? Do they provide all of the information your potential customers need to make an informed decision? Do the product images clearly display the product and appear to your target audience? Do some keyword research into what search terms potential customers are using to search for your products in your category. Use these strategically in your page content including in the headings and subheadings to help support your Black Friday SEO and Cyber Monday marketing efforts. As with every other page on your website, your product page should have a simple, easy-to-remember URL and an SEO title that describes the product accurately. Finally, ensure your call to action is clear and obvious to encourage customers to make the purchase.


Create a Buzz Around Your Black Friday Sale

One way to help ensure success for your Black Friday 2022 campaign is to shout about it. The more people who know about your sale, the more people who are likely to purchase from you. Create a sense of anticipation before your Black Friday campaign starts by publishing an SEO-optimised blog announcing the sale before it launches and telling customers to ‘watch this space’.

As the holiday season approaches, why not create tie-in gift guides promoting some of the products you will be including in your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to start driving traffic to the product pages? Teaser posts on social media can help generate interest in your Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 sales and help add reminders whilst your BF campaigns are running, all helping to show Google that visitors are finding something interesting and useful on your web pages. Don’t forget to prepare any Black Friday Ads campaigns well in advance to ensure they are live and ready for when you set your Black Friday sale live.

Black Friday SEO

Your Black Friday 2022 SEO Checklist

  1. If you ran a Black Friday Campaign last year, analyse how your campaign performed, what terms people used to find your website and how they performed. Use this information to inform your Black Friday 2022 keyword strategy. Remember longtail keywords may be worth the most to your SEO strategy, particularly in the competitive market of seasonal campaigns.
  2. Ensure all pages have complete and optimised meta titles and descriptions using Black Friday Keywords for sale landing pages and ideally placing keywords at the start of the meta title and description.
  3. Do a walk-through of your website and buying process in the mindset of someone who knows nothing about your business. Does everything make sense? Is the buying process smooth? Optimising your website’s useability can help prevent user drop-off and support your organic rankings. Use analytics to see which pages don’t contribute to the conversion process to see how they could be improved.
  4. Ensure all images have alt-text to allow screen readers and Google to interpret your site images.
  5. Optimise all sale landing pages as a priority as well as any other pages your customers could come into contact with during the Black Friday 2022 sales.
  6. Do a review of your website using the Google Search Console to check your pages are being indexed by google and to spot any website issues such as duplicate content or 404’s that may be preventing your website pages from showing in search results.
  7. Check your site speed using Google’s Page Speed Insights to make sure your website is performing properly and find suggestions on how to improve your website site speed and in turn, improve your SEO. Whilst this may be a longer-term fix, site speed is important for search engine optimisation and could help your Black Friday 2023 campaigns perform even better.

Black Friday Campaigns

Need Help With Your SEO?

If you are new to SEO and looking for ways to help your website perform organically, contact our team of experts who can help optimise your website and keep it performing well after Black Friday has finished for another year.

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