How Good Content Can Take Your Site from Amateur to Pro

Investing in good content marketing for your business could not be more important. Any site that is a poor read can discourage potential sales because they give the impression of “start-up”, “amateur”, or “unprofessional”. You don’t want to seem like any of those things, even if you actually are a start-up company – especially if you are a start-up, in fact. If you are a new business, the right online content can be the difference between putting yourself on the map, and keeping yourselves in the dark.

What makes good content, though? Well, we at SEM Consultants have a great SEO content writing team who can ensure your content is flourishing. In order to get an idea of what we believe makes great content, we’ve listed a few ideas for you here:


This should be a no-brainer, but you need to ensure that your site has the right grammar, spelling and punctuation. It may seem like we’re back in school, but something as simple as a slightly misspelled word or the wrong use of a comma can really put off a customer. By neglecting to consider these things, you are giving off an impression of unprofessionalism in your website content. That’s not good!

Target Audience

A website should consider its target market before writing any old, potentially irrelevant content. Taking into account your target audience will affect the tone of the written content, the style and how it is structured. For example, a site that aims at young people would benefit from colloquial language, easy to read text, the use of visual content like images and videos, and concise explanations. By understanding who your consumers are, you can make sure that their experience of your content really meets their needs and encourages the sale.


Your site should try not to be too mundane. If your content writing is long lists or lengthy paragraphs and sentences, your customer will get bored and skip through it or even leave the site. Instead, aim to really grip them. Give them what they want straight away. Embellish the content with attention-grabbing words and linguistic explanations that don’t come across as too “standard”. They need variety, readability and fluency. Think of a book, you’d be bored if it was just long sentences, long paragraphs, and no chapters for breaks! So, don’t bore your consumer; give them some pizzazz in your web content.


We at SEM Consultants are an expert SEO company and we know how it can make or break a business. Search Engine Optimisation helps to get your business on the map. We understand that Google friendly content is what will help you to become the top search result when potential customers are looking for your products or services. Our content writers know how to make content read well and be SEO-rich. This is what you should aim for and we can help you achieve it.


A potential customer needs to be able to navigate your website content with ease and little effort. Direct them where it is logical or beneficial for them to go with useful links within your online content. You should also use call-to-action phrases like “learn more here” or “browse our selection today” in order to direct them where you want them to go. It encourages the sale. For example, a link to the contact-us page for them to get in touch, or links to products that are mentioned in other parts of the site. This creates a call-to-action for the user and an easy way for them to then act. It’s all about good content strategy.

Content is an imperative part of search engine marketing, reputation, link building and bridging a relationship between you and your customers. Our experts are SEM Consultants can help get you on the right track in no time, providing content marketing that will inform and impress. In no time, we will have your website ranking, conversion rates rising and customers engaging. Trust in our content writing services today, amongst many other online marketing services like social media, web design and PPC.