5 Good SEO Practices for your Online Business

If you are serious about marketing your business and gaining valued customers, then you need to take a moment to think about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO optimises your chances of being noticed on search engines. We all know that Google is at the centre of everything, so if your business were to appear at the top of the search results page when searching on Google, then you’re more likely to get those much-needed conversions.

But how do you get to the top? Well, we at SEM Consultants are SEO experts, amongst other search engine marketing tools, and so we know how to get you those site rankings.

Here are some top tips that we use when working on your SEO:


Every business that hopes to succeed in this day and age needs a website – and a good one at that. Your website will be filled with SEO content and if that content is not up to scratch, then you will lose customers. Online content includes written and visual content, meaning images and videos. These things work together to catch your audience and essentially sell your product or service to them.
Website content should be on-topic, fresh, easy to read and riddled with keywords…


Keyword marketing is crucial. When you understand what search words or phrases your target market is searching for on Google, you will then be able to implement these on your own site. When doing this, you are increasing your chances of ranking when these words are searched. This is the aim for search engine optimisation.

Search Engines

As aforementioned, Google is the centre of our online world. This search engine is the big dog but there are others that are important, too. These search engines need to understand who you are and what your business’s aim is. You can’t just have a website that is filled with irrelevant information. Instead, you need to tell Google, and other search engines, what you do and build a lasting connection with it. SEO will do all this and more. Don’t worry, we at SEM Consultants can achieve this for you, as search engine marketing experts!

Link Building

Every website will use links, and yours should be no different. Links help customers navigate your site and find what they need within your content. Google does this in a very similar way, so effective link building is key. Links help to verify your website content and confirm to Google that you do what you say you do, thus optimising your chances of ranking on Google search results.


Blog creation can be a key tool for driving traffic to your site. It’s a great way to include more keywords and bring people to your site in an inviting way, rather than trying to sell them something right away. It builds trust between you and a potential client, which could lead to more conversions.

So, this is why SEO integration is so crucial for your search engine marketing strategies. At SEM Consultants, we can do all this and more for you, ensuring to bring you reports detailing the results frequently. Check out our other services, such as web design, social media and PPC, too.